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Chap. a. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. VerC 5. 6i unpardoned upon their own confciences, or the confciencer ofothers. Ifa mans houle be on fire, he will not only rife in morning, or early in the morning, but he will rife at mid- night to quench it; certainly when you have guilt on your fouls,you havea fire inyour fouls, your fouls are on a flame therefore you had need rife, and rife early, and get up as foon in the morning as you can, to get it quenched and put out. And offered burnt- offerings..1 There were divers forts of Sacri- fices among the Jews, when the law or rulesof facrificing were e- Itabliflhed. There were, Firft, Whole burnt- offerings. Secondly, Trefpafr-offerings. Thirdly,Sin-offerings. Fourthly ,Peace-offerings. Lev. c. I. c,2. That which Job is here Paid to offer, was a burnt -offering, -an Ho- it.lip&°iñtr laco or whole burnt-offering, fo called, becaufe it was altogether !l g. ú'CJ 1JD?Jt3 confumed ; there was nopart of it referved for the Prieft, or for the people, but all was offered up untoGod. Ofother Sacrifices, as the Sin- offering and Trefpafs-offering, there were parts and portions referved for the Prielt,and part of the Peace offerings for the people, as you may fee by that exprefflonof the Harlot, Prov. 7.14. I have at my houfe Shelamim, Peace -offerings ; now they did feaft upon the Peace- offering, for fhe invited him to a feaft. But the burnt- offering was -wholly confumed ; the word in the .Hebrew doth fignifiean afcenfion, or a thing lifted up. He offered burnt offerings, word for wordout of the Hebrew, it is, He lift- ed fl. L7?, it7j1 up an elevation, he caufed an Afcenfion to afcend; elevabat eleva- tionem, or afcendere fecit afcenfonem ; And it was fo called, be- caule theSacrifice, which was a whole burnt-offering,was all con- fumed upon the,Altar, and did as it were evaporate or alend up unto God. It was called a lifting-up, or.a thing_ lifted up, -for three Rea- fons. r. Becaufe when the Sacrifice was offered; the fmoak of it did afcend, and betides there werefeet odours put upon the Altar, which did fume up anwith the. Sacrifice towards Heaven; and fo the Sacrifice'tookit's denomination from afcending andgoing upwards. 2. Becaufe the Prieft when he offered the Sacrifice ; did lift it up upon the Altar, and hold it- toward Heaven, to - God. 3, Becaufe at that time when the Sacrifice was a burning,, all the people that were prefent did lift up their hands and their 13 eyes,