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11' @IJ 6a Chap. I. An Expofition upon the Bookof J OB. Vert. 5. eyes, but efpecially their fouls and their fpirits Heavens wards, and poured themfelves forth in prayer unto God. That of Da- vid in Pfal. 14.1. 2. will give Tome light to this. Let (faith he) my prayer befit forth before tbee a incenfe, and the lifting up of my hands as the Evening Sacrifice. David at that time (as Inter- preters note upon the Pfalm) was barredthe enjoyment of the PublickOrdinances, he could not come to facrificing as formerly he had done ; now he leeks unto the Lord, that he would accept of the lifting up ofhis hands and heart, inftead ofSacrifice ; as if he thould fay, Lord Ihave not a Sacrifice now to offer unto thee, I am hindred from that work,, I cannot lift that up; but I will- lift up what I have, and what will pleafe thee better then a But lockthat bath horns and hoofs, I will lift up my hand and my heart unto thee, and let tbefe be accepted for Sacrifice and 'ail, Prayer (which isa Sacrifice ofthe Gofpel) it is nothing elfe but A lifting up of the Soul, an elevationof the fpirit unto God: SoTome of the Ancients call prayer, anAfeendingof the foul unto God. And in allufion unto this, Hezekiah, when he rent to Ifaiah the Prophet, topray for him in that time of difirefs, and dayof trouble, faith , Go, and define the Prophet to lift up his Prayer_ Kisigs 1.94,for the Remnant that are left , alluding to theSacrifices which were wont to be lifted up. The like expre(lion of Prayer you have , Pfal. 25. i. Lord, (faith David) I lift up my foul unto thee. Hence prayers not anfwered, not accepted, are laid to be fiopt from afcending, Lam. 3. 44. Thou haft covered thyfelf with a Cloud, that our Prayer (hould not pafs through. When you greet with fuchexpreflonsin the Old Tefiament concerningpray- er, you mint ¡till underítand them-to be allufions to the Sacrifices, bccaufe the Sacrifices were lifted up, and did afcend. That for the Ad-. For theperfon, It is raid that Job offered there Sacrifices, lob rare up early and ofeyed,&e. Was not this toufurp upon the Priefis office ? Was it not this for which King Vzziah was reprehended and told by the priefts ? It appertaineth not to thee to burn Incenfe 2 Chron. 26. unta the Lord, but to the Priets the Sons e 1 f Aaron ;'and was he not finitten with leprofie for doing it ? I anfwer in a word bythat ruleof the Ancients. DiflinguiJh the times, and Scriptures will agree, : It was job that offered, and yob had right to oiler. The time wherein Job offered Sacrifice, loth reconcile this; it was before the diving of the Law (as we - have