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Chap. r. An,Expofation upon the Booko fJ 0: B. Verf. 7. and oppofeth good, let us do good and oppofe all evil. To be a Satan againft Satan is the gloryof a Chriltían, Now fet your (elves againft the Satans, be adverfari s to that Adverfary 'and all his adherents, fo fhall you approve your (*elves the friends of Chrift. job r.,7,8. And the Lordfaidunto Satan, whencecopse thou ? Then Satan anfwered the Lord andfaid,froingoing to andfr o in the earth, and from walkingup anddown in it. And the LordPaid untó Satan,haft thou not conjidered niy fervant Yob, that there is none like him in the earth ? a perfeíl and an upright titan, one that ' feareth God, and efchezneth evil. lN.the. former verfe we {hewed you that great and glorious &f- m, the Lord with his holy Angels.about him, and Satan too coming among them. In the verles following to the end of the a2. we have the bufinefs or ads of the Seflion recorded. God interrogates, Satan ánfwers Satan moves, God grants. This is the fum ofall the bufinefs that paffed in this Seffion, God puts two ,Interrogatories to Satan ; one concerning his travels, or where he had been, verf 7. The other concerninghis obfervations, or what he had done, veil: 8. In the 7. verfe we have the fail queilion, the Lord beginneth with Satan And the Lord faid unto Satan , whence comejt thou ? -plow the "Lordfpeakf is a point alnioft There are many difputes about it, I will not flay upon them : only to open this, that you may take in all Scripture of the like kind wherein the Lord is faid to (peak. We mutt know, that as in Scripture God is faid to have a mouth and a voice,alluding unto man by that commonfigure ; So likewife when the Lord (peaks, we mutt un- derhand it_by the fame figure, it is but in allulion to the manner of menu. God is laid to fpeak, as men are faid to fpeak:. but God doth not fpeak as men "fpeak, forming a -voice by fuch organs or inftruments of fpeech : but when the Lord fpeaks, it is M 3 either