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84. Chap. r. An Expofition upon the Bookof j Q B; Verf.6, creation ; nothing elfe made an Angel a Devil, but only fin. Sin drfpoils the creature of all its comfort and honour- at once. Againnote this; the Angel falling and becoming finful,hath his name prefently changed, he is called Satan, an Adverfary, an ad- verfary to God, an adverfary to man. , He/that is wicked himfelf will quickly bean adverfary an oppo_ fer ofall goodnefs : nofooner'afanner, but aSatan. Laftly, note this; To be an oppo_ter ofgoodis to be conformable to theDevil. The Devil is the Adverfary, the Satan ; and fo proportionably, as any one is an oppofer of good, fo much of Satan, fo much of the Devil he bath in him : therefore Chriff Paid to a chiefApoftle, when he did oppofe him in that grea tell good of all, the working out of our Redemption in (lyingfor us ; get thee behind me Satan, Mat. 16. All oppofrtionofgoodnefs it afpice of the Devil. So the , Ap ;file Paul, Aft. r 3. t o. whenhe fpeaks to Elymus the forcerer, faith, O thou child of the Devil, thou enemy of all goodnefs. To-be anenemy ofgoodnefs is to be the child of the Devil ; it is the very character of the Devil. He is a Satan in refpe¿} ofall goodnefs,and good perfons. And .Curdy (mybrethren) if'this be a character of the Devil, and tobe conformableunto Satan, how confpicuous is that con- formity in this Age?Howmany thoufands bear this markofthe De- vil, not only in their hands clofely, but in their foreheads o- penly? Howmany vifible walking Satans are there among us, enemies of ally, goodnefs, oppreffors of all righteoufnefs, oppo- fers of our peace, oppofèrs of our liberty, oppofers of the Gofpel, oppofers of Chriti ? Thefe are all as fo many Satans in the world, fo many enemies. Now is a time thatSatans are Iet loofe in the world ; the Devil now, ifever, works mightily in the hearts and fpirits, in the hands and ,tongues ofthefe children of difobedience. It becometh us then, thatas there are many adverfaries, and op- pofers ofgoodnefs, to thew our felves Friends and Patrons to goodnefs. Chrift hath many challenges , let him find fome Champions. Now it is time to raife your fpirits, not only to love Ole truth, but tomaintain the truth; as it it the height of wick- ednef, not, only to do evil, but to oppofe good; fo it is the height ofholinefs, not only to do good, but to oppofe evil. This is jutt. to be on the contrary point. to Satan ; he loth wickednefs and