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Chap. 3 2. An Expofition upon the Book, of j O B. Vert.' 2. with Scripture, the prophetic, with the hitlory of Chriff. The Apolile would have the Minifies of the Gofpel mighty at this worke ( Tit: i . 8.) Theymutt hold faß thefaithful( word, that they may be able byfound doîtrine,both to exhort and toconvince the ga n-fayers. Not only muff they be able to rebuke gain-Payers, thiswill riot doe it ; they muff alfoconvince them, or flop their mouths. ( James a. 9.) Ifany of you bave refpeît to perfons, ye commit fin, and areconvinced of the Law au tranfgreffours. How doth theLaw convince ? Nor only by reproving, bu: by proving, it thews us a rule, and faith, there youhave departed from it ; here is the line, and there ye have tranigreffed, or gone over it. Thus ye are convinced, that ye are tranfgretfors. He is both wife and faithfull,he doth his worke likea workman that not be afhamed, whonot only gives reproofe but proefe, either of error in judgement, or of evil( inpraelife. For the dote of this poynt, I may thewyou three great convincers. Firfi, The holy Spirit of God ; This office of the Spirit Chrißt Sets forth ( John 16.7. ) I willfind the Comforter, and when he is come(what (hall he doe? )Hewill convince theworldofin, and ofrigheeoufnefs, ami of Judgement ; That is, hewill bringproofe home to the confcience,to thew (inners their evil( flare and evill lives ; He will alfobring home to their fpirits the aifufficiencyof the righteoufnefs ofJefus Chrift, and fo overcome their unbe- liefe, that they fhall nor be able to refute the offers of grace. He will likewife (hew them fuch reafons why they ought to be holy, and walke in the wayes of righteoufnefs, that they fhall neither have power nor will to gain-fay. , The fecond great convincer, is Confcience. They who were fo forward toaccufe the womantaken in adultery ( John 8.9. ) were atlaß couviEtedby their owne Confcience, and went out one `y one ; Their confcience told them they were guilty, if nor for that fin, yet of other fins as bad as that. They were fo far before from judging themfelves for, thatthey woke no notice of thJr ovine faults ; they were fevere againft the woman, but they flattered themfelves, tilt Chrit} made their ovine coniciences, their con- vincers. And furely confcience will one time or other convince toprrpofe , They who have refuted or outaood conviekion by the wood, yea and pit by the motions of the Spirit, (hall at latt findconfcience convincing and fpeaking home to them. The