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Chap. 31. In Expofation upon the Book of J O B. 'Vert z2. The third great Convincer, is Jefus Chrill in perfon ; Ofhim in the performance of this office, the Apotile fpeakes cieacely (3.udeV: i 5. ) Behold the Lord cootsethwith ten thoufand of his Saints ( And what comes he to doe ? ) To execute judgement upon all, and tó convince all that are ungodly among then, of abl their Ungodly deeds which they have nod), committed, and ofall their hardfpeeehes Whichungodly fanners havefpoken againft hint. Chrill will make the greateif of ungodly ones in,that great day to ac- knowledge, that all cheir.hard fpeeches which they have fpoken againllthe Saints, or godly men, were ffoken againí}_him..When prophane men are among their wicked companions,theycan;èare at the godly profellors of the name of C-hri(, even while they pretend to honour Chritl; ; But Chrifi will make them fee, that they fco ned him, while they fcorned the leaf} of thofe that fea- red him, andbelieved on his name. The great daywill be a day not only of executing judgement, but ofconvit, ion,every mouth fhall be fioNed, and all the. worldof wicked men ¡hall become guil-y in their owne fight before God. Thefe are the three great Convincers. The holy Spirit of Cod , the Confcience of every man,and JefusChill in the ofthe greatday, And let thofe who now undertake that great worke of con= viition, often remember ( which was a little before mentioned and fet down) the method ro be vied and obferved in it Fir¡i, prove the matter, and then reprove the man. None were ever wrought to anygoo'; bybare reproofe, much leffe by force. Men are not to be driven into the faithby fire and fword,by ter- rors and imp ifonments ; conviet-ion muff' doe it and that will doe it to .au rpofe. This is the fs rt'c thingwhich Elihu blamed and burdened jobs friends with ; They reproved him, but did not bring fufficient convincing proofe againfi him. T'h'ere was noise of youthat convincéd job. Secondly, He lays this to their charge, thatThey had notan- fueredhis words. As ye have nor proved your owne allegations, fo ye have not refuted nor inirmed his reafons. . But how could Elihu fay, They had not anfwered his words, when to every word he fpake we find their feverall anCwers ? ThenEliphaz, the Témanite anfaoered and faid ; Then Bildad the Shuhite anfwered and (aid ; The like is faid of Zophar the Naa- enath te. Theyhadbeen anfwering all theWhile, yet-faithElihu, M .Behold, 8i