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Sa Chap. 3a. An Expofition upon the Bookof Jos. Verf. 3, Behold, therewas none of you that anfwered his words. I (hall re- folve this doubt, by giving this note ; whicn was álfo given upon the 5d verfe, where ice more. vnlefj"e iwe arfwer home to the asatter, and (as wefay) hit tie vault on the head, we,h vegaven no aafwer. We have not anfwe- red, únlef e we give a farisfadiory answer. When .the Refpon dent in Schooles acquits himfelfe well, The Moderator brings him off honorably, Paying, 71ay Anfwersfff fce. jobs friends had been anfweriüg long, and they made many long anfwers, but Ell- iott, the Moderator was forced to tell them, ye have not anfwered fufficiently. Laflly , Elihu having heard all their anfwers., finding that they did not reacha proofe againfl fob,nor answer his reafonings and replyes, he fpeaks himfelfe. Hence note. Tvben we have weighed allduely, and find;that others have not done the deed, we maft not el ffèmble our judgements, nor flat- ter them in their faulty anfwerc. Elihu would not doe fo, and the reafon why he would nor, is iayd downe in the next words. Verf. 13. Left ye fhouldfay, awe havefound eat wifdome ; God thrufteth him downe not anan. In the former verfe Élihn chewed his owne difappoyntmenr, while he waited upon others ; I attended unto you (faithhe to jobs three friends) and behold; there was noneof you that convin- cedfob, or that anfwered his words ; Then followes, Leftye fhould fay, we havefound out wifdome, &c. In which words Elihu pro- ceeds withhis Preface, that he might the more fairely fall into difcourfe withfob;for having told Jobs friends that he had waited invaine, for fatisfaetion from their anfwers or replyes, they ha- vingnot convinced him, either by folid reafon, or byAuthenrick Authority and teflimony, that he was fo bad as they judged him tobe ; He adds, this I affirme. Leifyefháuld fay, we have foundout wifdome, That is,1efl; ye should fay it boafiingly, and cryviïbery againfr this