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84 -Chap. 3 2. An Expofti©n upon the Pork of J o B. Verf. t left; he íhould be proud of his workes. Though we are now cal- led toworkout our atone falvation (Phil. 2. i 2. ) yet it is wholly wrought by another ; and we are there commanded to work out our owne falvation with feire and trembling, not with prefump- tion andboafling. Againe, How apt is man to boat} of any good he dorh ?. feeing he is not all-tamed to boati fometimes whenhe,doth evil!, and of that which is evill,even of the tufts and !pilings of his evil! heart. (Pfa1. To. 3.) Thewicked hoafleth ofhirhearts delire. And what good is there in the delire-ofa wicked-mans heart ? He (as fuch) can delire nothing, but what is worte thennothing, fin or vanity, and yet he boafts of ir. Yea, man is ready to boati, not onlyof evil! done , but ofhis ability todoe evil!-; They in the Prophet boafed that theywere mighty toririnkswine, andmenoffirength tomingleflrong drtnke, (1fá. 5.22. ) How doe fbrne pleafe themfelves that they are in power, only, becaufe that gives them anadvantage to oppreffe whom they pleafe, or all thofe with whom they are difpleafed. David faw that fpirit ruling and raging infpitefull .Doeg,whom he therefore checks, ( Pfal. 5 a, t.) why boafleft thou thyfelfe in mifchiefe, Omightyman ? The Apolile found thofe (Phil. 3.19. ) who,glorred in their fhame;. That is, in finfull praóiices ( even making their belly their God) whereof they ought-to be afha- med. The Prophet fpake of their like longbefore, ( Ifa. 3. 9. ) They declare theirfin at Sodome, they hide it not:; As if it had been their ornament and their honour, their beauty and bravery tobe wicked. But efpecially if bad men-doe that which isgood, they boati of ir. A carnal man may -for the matter doe good ; yea, he may have a zeale for God. Jrhu laid, Comefee myzeale for the Lord,: (2 Icings i o. 16. ) But Jehu defired more to have his zeale for theLord feene, then tobe zealdus.for the- Lord. And fo his was indeedzeale for himfelfe, not for the Lord. the Pharifees did manygood things', but they could not forbeare boafiing' in the' good they did ; They doe,ai ( faith Chritt, who knew not only what they did, but withwhat heart) tobe feene of men, or to haveprayfe with men. Yea, not only are evil! men ready toboati of the good they doe, but the temptation lies hard alto upon- godly men to, doe fo,.,their hearts are .often unduely cranfportedy