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Chap. 32. din Expofition upon the Book of J o s. Verf. 13. 85 as With thethoughts of their gifts, .parts, and graces, fo with what they doe through the gift.of grace. Our very graces, much more our outwardprtviledges, maybe an occauon of boalling,. Pride and boafling are weeds which growup from the belt and richefl Foyle. 'Tis rare to fee any man rich ingifts andgraces, andpoore in rptrit poverty of fpuít is the purefl and truefl riches of grace. Secòndly , As to the particular here fpoken of, Left yefhould fay, we havefound out wifdome, Note. cilrtan ùvery prone to make board of or glory in that which he calleth wifdome, When he bath foundout ( thoughbut fuppofed ) wifdome, he cannot contain, he naufl cry itup. It is faid of the old Mathe-Archimedes, matician, when ( after long fludy and beating his braines) he had found out a Conclufion inGeometry, he ran about the Citie (as if tranfported) orravithed with this loud out-cry, I have found it, Ihave found it ; and thus robs friends were ready to cry.out, they had found,they had found out xiifdorne. There is indeed a ve- ry great temptation in the finding out or attaining of wifdome, to puff man up, and to make him vaine- glorious. We have great caufe to be humbled, that we have fo little wifdome ; and they that have any gore (as they thinke) m)re then their neighbours, areingreat danger of being proud of it. Knowledge puffeth up, (, a Cr. o 8. r. ) When the head is full , the heart grows high. Yet this is tobe underflood of literal! knowledge, nor of fpiritt - all,or of knowledge when and where it is alone without graces not of gracious knowledge. Themore a gracious man knowes, the morehumble he is, becaufe his knowledge !heaves him his own vilenefsand ematinefs ; but the more a carnali manknower, the more proud he is, becaufe ( while fuch) whatfoever or how much foever he knoweth, he knoweth, not hi nfelfe, nor lothhe know any thing-as he ought to knowit, as the,Apolilefpeakes there at the fécondverfe. And as meere naturall men, fo they whoare but fmatterers, or beginners in thewayes of godlinefs, 'are alto very ready tobe tranfporred with an opinion of their parts and knowledge. And therefore, the fame Apofile gives it in charge to.Timsthy (s Tim; 3. 6.) that he who is called and received,' unto ,