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toz Chap. 3a. An Expoftion upon the IiiolZ,of j o Verf. I"4. ,yobs friends their owne , fo neither did he fpare to tell job his owne, he was not partiall on either fide. What canbe imagin'd more uncomely, then that he who (lands between two lhould 3eane to any one ? or that he who comes to be an umpire or a 'Judge, lhould make himfelfe a party or an Advocate. Fourthly, he mutt avóyd timoroufneffe, and not be dauntedwith what man (hall fay or can doe again1 him, while he is doing his duty. Thefeare ofman it a fnare ( faith Solomon) That man had not need be in a fnare himfelfe, whole bufinefs it is to bring others out of the fnares of error, whether in opinionor in praólife.Fifth= ly, hemuabeware of an eafinefs to drawne aide, either by . the perfwafions or applaufes of men. A Judge between others muí keepe his owne {landing. Thus farre concerning thefe two verfes wherein Elihu is Rill carrying on his Prefaçe, to prepare j'ab to receive attentive- ly what he had CO fay. In the next place, Eliot/ turning to the Randers by, fgnifes to them in what condition he found jots friends. ©B,