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Chap. 3 2. An Expofstion upon the Book, of Jon. Verf. á 5. t e 3 JOB. Chap. 32. Verf. 15, 16, 17, i8, 19, 20. They were amazed, they anfwered nomore, they left off fpeaking. When Ihad waited, (for theyfpake not ,but f oodfill, and anfwered no more ) IPaid, 1 will anfwer al,f© my part , I alfo will flew mine opinion. For I am full of matter, théfpirit within me con flraineth me. Behold, my is'as wine which._bath no vent, it is ready to burl like new bottles. I will fpeak, that I may be refreffied: Iwill open my lips and ant-aver. ELiho had fpokenof his friends filet= before and here he returnsto it again, with a further additionand aggravation. Verf. i 5. They Were amazed, they anfweredno mare, they left offeaking, &c. There are two opinions concerting the perfon who fpake thefe words. Firfl, Some referre them to the writer or penman of thisBook,. but I rather.take themas the words of Eliha hint. feife. They were amazed. The root lignifies to be affected with avery paflionare and Elfin rum flrong feare, even fucha feare as they are arrefled with who flee -"rem offert, or fall before their Enemies in battel. So the word is ufed P"5 dpent, (o'er: 50. 26.) e4 fiord is upon her mightymen, and theyfleepotennt,[I'mo fu- be difmayed. Difmay or amazement, is the difplacing, at leaf} theperanrur. . diflurbing of reafonit felfe ; Elihn (hews how unable and unfit óbs friends were to argue with him anyfurther, feeing upon the matter, they had loll the ufeof their reafon, and were as men crack-brain'd,or broken in their underflanding..They were ama- F zed, They. ;