Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v10

To the Chriffian Reader. foule from going into the pit, and his life (hall fee the light. Lo, all thefe things worketh God oftentimes with man to bring back his foule from the pit, to be enlightned with the light of the living. From thefe premifes we may colles both what is proper to the righteous ; and that, inwhatfoever is common to themwith the wicked, there is neither diforder nor confu fon. For though the belt of the righteous are lyable to the fame outward evils which the worft ofthewicked are,yet their condi- tion is not thefame; feeing to the wickedthofe e- vils arepurely punifhments, ,, but the beginning ofthofe furrows which!hall never end;whereas to the righteou they are either but chaftifements for fomefinalready committed, or medicaments topre- vent the committing either ofthefame, or offore otherfin. Andasfor thofe who byfuch chaftningr are brought to afight of their fins and forfake them, their foules are (by this meaner v. 3o.) brought back from thepit to be enlightned with the light ofthe living. This poynt isyet more fully andplainlyprofecu.. tecl by Elihu in the 366chapter ; where he inform. eth us, howfufferings aredifferently to be concei- vedofaccording toa threefold difference e oftheper_ fans,fuffiring.Thefirft,and chiefe,is ofthofe,who are_