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« tzz Chap. 3z. An Expofifion upon the Book, of o B. Verf.27,. righteous, we muff doe him righr : We maynot bring in our par- ticular wrongs or quarrells upon any caufe, but that about which the wrong or quarrel: rifeth. They thew the purefl love to righ- teoufnelle, who a& righteouíly towards tho,e that hate them,. and will not wrong chafe, who haveattempted to opprefle and ruine them. A true lover of]ufdice will do to others as himfelfe would have others doe to him, yea though they have-not done to him, as they would be done to. Fourthly, We muff Eland to truth in oppofition to riches acid worldly aboundance ; riches ufually find more friends and favourers, then righteoulhef e doth. And 'tis ufuall to favour the rich more then the righteous. How often is truth on the poore mans fide over-ballanced by his adverfaries purfe. But Ohow poore are they in fpiritualls and morals, who thus refpea the perfons of the rich l Fifthly, Wemull judge for truth in oppofition to worldly greatnefs and power ; and that, in a two-fold confderation,_ Firm , Though men have a power to reward, and preferre us, to doe great things for us, yet this fhould not drawus afide ; woe to thofe who refpei the greatneife of the pe;fon infieadof the goodnefle of the caufe: yet how manyare there who carenot how bad a great mans caufe is,if he will but engage todo them good yea force great men look upon themfelves as much undefvalued, if they be not favoured in their caufe ( how bad foever it be ) becaufe they are able to doe them goodwho favour it. Balak. Cooke it very ill at Balaams hands, when hé feemed unmoved by his ability to advance and reward him. Did not I- earnelily fend . for thee, to call thee ? wherefore cameft thou not tome, am I not a- ble indeedtopromote thee to honour ? ( Numb: 22. 37. ) Andwilt not thou ferve my interefl, when I have fuch a power to ad- vance thine ? Thus alto Saul thought all mull cleave to him, and forfake the caufe of David, becaufe he was great and could pre- ferre them ( I Sam: 22.7..) Will the Eon offeffegive every one ofyou faelds,and vineyards, and make you all Captains of thoufands, andCaptains of hundreds? Hath he any great places to bellow, . and honours togive ? Why then doe ye feeme to adhere to him . and his party. Hope of reward makes a great bias upon force mens fpirits, and carrieth them quiteoff from truth. There is a fecund confederation prevailingmuch with many in.