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Chap. 33. An Expofttion upon the Book¿,of J o B. Vetf. 21. 123 in this matter ; for though they are unmoved by rewards, and will not bite at the bayte of felfe-advancement ; yet, fay they, O he is agreat man,and bathgreat power, he may do me a lhrewd turne, he mayvex nie andundoe me, he may fit upon my skirts heteafter and ruine me. Thus where hope doth .not, feare may carry a man from refpe& to right to the refpe& of perlons. But know, Thatbe a man never fo great, and able to doe me a mif- chiefe, yet truth mull be maintained and Juftice be done, though we fhould be quite undone by appearing for it. It bath been fayd of old, Let jujiice be done, though heaven fall ; much more fhould it be done, though we for doing and abetting it fall to the earth. Mofes gave that charge more then once ( Levit. 19. I s Deut. 1. 16, 17. ) Thou fhalt not re#cit the perfon of thepoore, nor honour the mighty , but in righteoufnejfe (halt thou judge thy neighbour. Againe, Te fhall not refpeit perfons in judgement, but ye fall heare the fmall as well as the great, you fhall not be afraid of thefare ofman, for the judgement is Coda neither unduepity to the poore, nor carnal feare of the great (which two often doe) ought to put any check or flop to the execution of Juffice. So in that excellent model of inflruolions which fehofhaphat gave his Judges (2 Chron: 19. ' . ) wherefore now let the feare of the Lord be upon you take heed, and doe it ; for there is no iniquity with the Lordour God, nor ref] le ofperfons, nor taking ofgifts. As if he had faid,Donot you refpe& perfons,for God refpeets no perfons he is nogift- taker, therefore beye no gift-takers ; your duty is togive every one his due.That which is right to one man is right toanother, either in the fame, or in any paralel cafe; That which is the rich mans right inhis caufe, is the right of the poore man in his caufe ; yea it is as finfull not to have a due refpe& to the kod uni a'-, rich man in his cafe, as not to have refpei to the poore man in Pull eß, non his. Then all forts and degrees of men are judged righteoufly, dedber alzo n teri in when there is no regard had or notice taken in Judgement, ofin:rluum. what fort or degree anyman is. fudges are calledgods, and there- forefhouldall like God without refpeci tomen. And as this is a truth in all thofe cafes of Judgement, where Magif+rates fit in the place of God, fo it is as true in all the pri- vate judgements and determinations ofbrethrenconcerningper- tons or things, which (by way of diflin&ion from the former ) is commonly called the putting or referringof amatter in dime- B. z rence