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Chap. 3 2. An Expofition upon the Book, of J o B. Verf. 2 t. z 27 ding of Greece, for his Warlike valourand fucceffes, was called The Great ; And among The Romans Scipio after his vic`lories over the Carthaginians in Africa, was firnamed Afric6wut. The Romime Hiflories fupply fundry examples of this kind. Andwhen in Scripture Paul is called an ApoFt le,Petet an Ayoftle, They well deferved there honorable Titles, becauCe as they were meerely of Grace immediately called and Pent of God, to publifh and plant the Gofpel all theworld over , fo they laboured aboun- dantly in it, and by their miniftery fubdued and conquered the world to the faith and obedience ofour Lord Jefus Chrifl. Secondly, There are allo titles and firnames, which are meere pieces of flattery, there being no worth in the perron that may juftlydeferve them. 'Tis not finfull to give titles, but as we tran- flate to giveflattering titles untomen.We fhould call men as they are, and as they deferve ; I will call afpade afpade, (faith Elihu) he that is good I avili call him good, and he that is bad I will call him bad ; and thatwhich is ill done. I will fay it isill done ; Let me not give flattering titles pinto men. Hence obferve. Flattery is iniquity : to give flattering titles unto men is to tranfgrefe the Law of God. Some will not give true anddue Titles toany man ; The moll truly honorable perlons and highefl Magiflrates, {hall have no thing from them but Thu and Thee. 'Jacob a holy and a plainè man, yet called his owne brother, My Lord Efau, (Gen. 3 2.4.. Gen: 3 3.8.) Luke The Lvangelift called Theophilus, Moft ex- cellent (Luke a . 3.) And Panl oiled Fellits, Mott Noble ( Adis 26. 2ç.) Nowas theyerre upon one extreame,who will not give true titles, fo doe they on the other, who give ( which Elihu here. difclaimes) flattering titles. There is a two-fold flattery, Firft , In promtfes. Secondly, In praifes. Some are full of flattery in promifes,they will tell you of great matters which they will doe for you , yet meane no fuch thing. Thus (Pfad. 78. 36. ) The children of Ifrael dealt with God,, when in the time of their ftraights and calamities they promifed. todoe great and good things, they would turne to the.Lord and ferve hjm ; Neverrheleffe (faith the text ) they did flatter him., with,