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I26 Chap. 3a, An Expofition upon the Be6fZ9f J o B. Verf. 21. Arad hominem propofe and paffe to our ovine. Fir(], Iwill not aft aprefaces or, præfrztione non Iwill notJand prefacing withman.Flatteries are ufually fet forth titan. a Jun: in atee`Iereaces ana Apologies. Secondly, Let me not change t :ud houri- fd Preface l'9 ° i y non ne perm-names beforemen*or,let me not fpeakto man under a borrowed name; Tern nomina. That is, let me fpeake plainly, and cieárlr without ambages and Cora fetches ; let me fpeake to every man, and about every thing by Et ad hominem its ovine name, and nor with covered words, as if I were unwil non mutato no- . mine loquar. ling to touch that towhom I fpeake. Our tranflation is yet more Mere: cleare to the fcope and tendency of this place ; I will not give Ego non-ingra- flattering titles. tramdui tea/4 This tenrence is but two words in the Hebrew ; The verbe vertu war lignifies là the Rabbins tohide or conceale,or to carry a mat- Awns ("<.",' de- ( y } give the reáfon oeit ybecaufe lignon no- ter clo('er and obfcurély ; acid they , meiepropriwn in flattering there is a hiding ofwhat menare, and a Chewingof immutant. Ver- what they arehot. Theword fignifieth allo togive a n ciename .6um. r13 ntficat Iq fig- or a by-x:ame, and fo thefence is ; I will not give fecret refledli- occultci de¡g- ons, no gird at anyman upon the by; robs friends had done fo gare. Mer 7 fometimes, though they after fpake expliciter and directly e= a7.ejl tgh. Further, the word lignifies the giving of any additional] air rerumn Thus I finde it ufed in the Prophet (Ifa: 44. S- )One 'hall nibsa agote, ut fay, I ans the Lords : ( fpeaking howperlons (hall flow into the non pis nft Church) and another (hall call himfelfe by the nameof Jacob obfcurà raid and another(hallfubfcribewith his handunto theLord, andfirname fentiatur intel- himfelfe by thename of Ifrael: Hefhallfirname himfelfe; that's the Iigi.Q word here ufed, (hall take tip thattitle, that illuPr ions title trariumefPape- , rireos, et out he (ha111ift or enroll "himfelfe among the people of God , and env Pwx env thinke it his honour and glóry to firname himfelfe by the naine of appeilare.Coc: Ifrael. The word is foufed agame (Ifa: 45. q..) For Jacob my fervánts fake, and Ifrael mine elefa, I have even called thee by thy name : I have firnamed thee, though 'thou hart not knowwne me. It is fpoken of Cyrus, I have given thee aglorious title God did not:only name Cyrus, but gave his a firname, he called him, 'Cyrus my fervant, andCyrus mine anoynted. Thus the word fig- iifies to give a title, or a firname ; now there are firnames or ti- desof two forts ; Firíl, difgracefull and reviling ones, jvftly gi- ven to,but coipmonlyby vile men. Secondly, Honorable and ad- vancing ones. And there are of two forts. Firft , Such as are true andwell deferved , many by the great i aas which theyhave done, have purchafedfirnames; Alexander King