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Chap. 3 2. An Expofation upon the . Boo, of J o i Verf. 22. 133 The rich and theprore meete together, the Lord is the maker of them both he meaneth it not only, if at all in that place, that the Lord bath made them both as men , but he hath made the one a rich man, and the other apore man. Thus the Lord is the ma- ker of them both. And as the Lord makes men rich, fo Great and honorable. (Pfal:7 5. 6.) Promotión cometh notfrom the Erat, . nor from theWCf, nor from theSouth ; It cometh from none of there parts or points of earth or heaven, it èometh from nothing under heaven, but from the God of heaven ; God is the judge, he putteth dome one, and fetteth up another. Thirdly , The Lord is the maker of every man in his fpirituall- fiate, as good, and holy, and gracious. ( Ephef. 2.10. ) we are his workmanfsip, created in Chrafl Jefus unto good work ; till we are wrought byGod, we can doe none of Gods worke, nor have we any mind to doe ir. Nowwhen Eliha faith, MyMatter would' Toone take me away , we may underftand it' in all thefe three. fences ; he that made me this body and foule, whenI camein- to the world, he that ordered my way and flare all this while that I have been in this world , he that formed me up into anew life, the life ofGrace, and hath made me anew man in dais and for another world. This my Maker wouldToone take me away. Hence note. It is good to remember god as our maker. Man would not make fuch ill worke in the world, if he re- membred God his maker, or that himfelfe is the work of God.. We fhould remember Cod our maker ; Firft, as CO our being, . as froth him we receive life and breath. Secondly, as to our well- being, as fromhim we receive all good things, both for this life and a better. (Ecclef 12, r ) Remember now thy creator (not only that God is a creator; but thy creator, remember this) in theday's of thy youth;And furely if thou remembref£himwell, thou wilt not forget thy felfe fomuch as to forget the dutywhich thou oweft him. Thinke often upon thy maker , and then this thought will be upon thee alwayes ,. IfI owe my felfe 'w-holly, unto God for malting me annature, how muchmore doe I owe my eunto ggod, for mak,jng me anew.creature. We ought to live whollyto him from whom we have received our lives. He that bath made xs fhould have the ufe,of us. He hat4Finade all things for hitn- fete