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felfe,( Prov: iG. 4;/chiefeIyman, who is the chiefe of all vili~ bles which he hath made. Thofe two memento's, That We are -made bythe power ofCod, and that the price by which we are redeemed is the bloodofGod; fhould conftraine us at all times and inall things to beat the call and command of God. My Mailer j UWouldfeme take nte army. We had the fame word in the fortnerwerfe, there ’tis tifed toUeretm, d- for accepting aperfon-5herefortakingawayaper’fon.TheLear- ■ludttadpeace-BedHebribians take noticeof anelegant flovyer ofoRhetorick in < 3 * 57 cabinin' eypreffion ; If I take perfons, God will takeartay nty perfo.n; faciemmeca- vvemay tranflate the Text; I f I takemen,my Godmil take me fiet. Coc: array. Yea mymaker would not only take me away at lalf, or ( aswe fay) 'firft or Uft, 'but be would-make difpatch, and be :quicke with me, My maker would . ‘fiome. take me away. . . . ' 1 3 4 C h a p . - g 4 . a An Exfofitwn upon the Beol^of J o b . V e r f . a 2 . ft* Some render, He wouldtakemeaway w a littlething ; But the , mind ofour tranflation is, hewould take me awayina littletime.* The originall Word beareS either fignification, and fo may thfe' fcope of the text-; My Maker would take me away as a little / thing, he would blowme away as a feather, or asdull, and ctufh me as a moth ; andheWould doe it inamoment,ina little time ; all the-men of the world,yea thewhole world is but alittle thing before God, and he can quickly take both away. ( Ifa.- 40.1<;.) Beho'J, themtioris-are as adropof a bucket, and are counted as thefmall daft oftheBallance; Behold,he takethupthe fftandsat a verylittle thing. Now ifWhole lliand's, ifall nationsare fuchjit- tle thingsas drops anddiifts,tben, whatis anyone particular man, how big foever hebe ? And bowfoone canGod takehimaway! Tittle things are raken'away in a little time. So theWord is u- fodin'th0 fecOHd-IYalrnef't'fi i . ’flfhiswrath be kindled but a. link, 'orbut, as alittle thing"if the wrath^-of Chrift be kindled only fo farre that youTeebutadparke Ofit, bleffed'-are they that ’ t-attft inhim - There is ito (tending before the leaftwrathof the-* great Cod,by fheigrearefoofthedons'ofmen! t We tnn(\iief]9 e’wOfddfionetake meaway1, byhe Would doe‘ :r’w adittle time, ;&iytMnd*4 ed»'not-belbhg in*Working', beJ •would