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Chap. 3 2. A1II Expo/ition upon the Book, of ) o n, Verf. 22. r 3 5 would ridhis hands ofme prefently ; CO take or fnatch a main a- way, notes three things. Fir+ , A violent death, or a violence in death. Secondly, A .fpeedy or fudden death, a quick difpatch. When the fire was kindled and the word ffit out againft Korah, D - than, and .flbraeu, their maker foone took them away ; he bid the earthopen, and it tooke them away in the twinckling of an eye ; they went downe quick intohell. It is fayd of a wicked man in this boike ( Chap: 27. 21. ) 7i Eafl" wind carrieth h%m away ; there alfo this word is ufed, that is, judgement like tome fierce impetuous winde, £hall blow him from his Handing, and blall all his glory. Some give the fence by the effect of fire, My Maker would.Sun, qui foone borne or confurne me. The word in the Hebrew fignifieth tomol tonè- burne, as well as to take away, and we know the burning of a thing :pet me, expo- is the taking of it quite away ; fire makes cleane riddance. And flan'', combu- againe Fire or flame rifeth u as a thing that is takena mro rerecme, uta- b p ( 1) liquanclo fumi- the aire, and that which is burned in the fire may be fayd to be tur hoc verb= taken up with it. Thus alfo 'tis tranflated (2 Sam: 5. 20, afamme, qua. 2r.) `.David came unto Baal-perazim, and David fmote then, infublimi rolli. there, &c. and there they left their Images,andDavid andhù men tor, Me"' - burnt them. ; we put in the margin,and David and his men tooke them away which isthe tranflation here in job. Either of the readings is cleare andfull to the purpofe ; God bath fire, he bath hell-fire unquenchablefor Lnners, their maker can quickly con= fume and burn them up. ( Ifa. 27: 4. ) who wouldfee thebriar, and thorns in battcll again:+`£' me , I would pale through them and borne them up.together. Howquickly can the Lord borne wicked men,who like briars and thorns fcratch and teare the innocent ?e wicked men canno more Hand before the wrath of God, them briars and thorns can Hand before a flaming fire. That's a good reading ; ours comes to the fame fence, my Maker would foone.- take .me away: Hence obferve. Firth, as flattery and acceptingofperfons aregreat, fo they .itre, very dangerousfins,;they are wrath-provokingfins. If we flatter men, Godwill not flatter us, hewill deale plain- ly To receive flattery, or to fuffer our fifes to be.flat- tered,.