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Chap. 32. An Expof:tion'upon the Bookof ]`o B: 'Vert". 11. i39 Againe, In that Elihu reprefents God to himfelfe ready to take him away , in cafe of flattery and prevarication in that caule. Note , Fourthly. It is good for'us to over-awe our Pules with the reMembrance of thejudgements and te)rours of God. 'Tis profitable fometimes to convene with the threatningo, as well as with the promifes ; 'ris pro`ìtable to remember what God is able to do agaìn(l us, aswell as to remember what God is able to do for us;Evenbelievers fbould goe into the dreadfull treafu- ries ofwrath,into the thunders & lightnings of divinedílpl;afore, as well as into the delightful! treafuries of mercy,of love & com- e pafiion ; it is good 'for a good man to thinke God may rake me away,as well as to thinke God will fave and deliver nae ; we need even the:e nmditfttions of God , to 'keepe .downs Our cor-- ruptioncand ro fright our lufls. Though it be the n:o::e Go"pel way ro make ufe oflove, yet the Gofpel it felfe teacheth us ro make ufe ofwrath, ( z Cor: S. II.) Knowing the terreur of the Lord we perfrade men. Lathy , Note. taken wegot about anygreat werke, whenwe are either to fpealk. or doe in any weighty matter , it is good forus tofet god be- fore our eyes, rethinkeof and remember our Maker. As in great undertakings we fbould remember our Maker, 1`vaiting for and depending upon his affRinse, flrength, andblef- fing, inwhat we doe or goe about ; fo we fhould remember him to keepe our hearts right.And to remember ferioufly;believing, ly and fl iritually, that God- behelds and,feeth'us in all our wayes and works, and that accord :ng to file frame of our hearts, and the way that We take in every adrón, fuch will the reward and the iffùe be, cannot but have a mighty command, and ananfwe- rable efe& upon us. We can hardly doe amiffe with Cod in our dye. And rherefore_as it is fayd of a wicked man ( 10.4.) that through the pride of his countenance hewill not fcekeafter God, God is not inall his thoughts._So `David faid of himfelfe ( though in that Pfahne he fpeákes chiefely as a type of Chrií} ) and fo in proportion or as to fincerity every godly man faith like David, T a ' Pfd: