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138 Chap. 32. An Expofition upon the Book of a o -,s. \rerf.2a, made all with aword fpeaking, can.deflroy the wicked as foone as fpeake the word ; he can doe it in the twinkling of an eye, with the turning of a hand., My Maker would foone take me away. Thirdly,, ßecauifeElihu, being about to fpeake in that great caufe, fets God before him, and God in his judgements, in cafe he fhould fpeake or doe amble. Note , Thirdly. They that .doe or fpeake evill , have reafon to expeil evil! at the hand ofGod. If fhouldflatter (faith Eliliu)na Maker wouldfoone takeme. array. I have rearm to fare he will ; knot that God: takes -away every firmer as foone as he fins, ( God rarely ufeth Martial! Law,. or executes men upon the place, we Mould live and walke more by fence. then by faith if heshould doe fo ) but any inner may expect ir. God (1 fay.) is very patient and long fuff.ring,he doth. or often take (inners away, either in the ael, or immediately af- ter the aLíï offn. Yet there is no (innerbut hath caufe to feare, left as foone as he hath done any evils, God fhouid make him feele evil!, and intlantly take him away.David prayeth (Pfal: 28. 3. ) `Drawme not ewayiwith the Wicked, andwnh the workers of iniquity. There is a two-fold drawing away with the workers of iniquity. Firfl, to doe as they doe ; that ii, wickedly. Thus many aredrawne. away with the workers of iniquity;ánd'tis a good and aloft neceffarypartofprayer,to beg that Godwould not thtis draw, us away with the workers of iniquity, that is, that he wouldnot fuffer the workers of iniquity to drawus away into their lewd and finfull courfes. Secondly,there is adrawing away to púnifh- ment,'and execution. In that fence (I conceive ) Davidprayed, .. Lord drawme not away with the workers of iniquity, whoare ta- kenaway by Tome fudden (Iroake of judgement ; though I may have provoked thee, yet let not forth thy wrath uponme, as thou fometinies doeft upon theworkers of iniquity doe not draw me out as cattell out of the pa(ture -where they have been fed and fatted, for the (laughter. Every worker of iniquity is in danger of prefent death, and may Tooke that God will be a fwift witnefs a- gaitift him..: though moil, are reprieved, Yet no man is fure of Shato.. Agáine,,