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rq á Chap. 3 3. An Expofrion upon the Book of j o B. Veri. that is, he declares himfelfe ready to break all,. if he, had a lite. occafion or temptation. Foutthly , We wouldhave all our words hearkened to byGod, we would have God grant all our Petitions , all our.requeflr,. and iupplications, and thannot we hearken to and obey all the. precepts ofGod ? Shall.we not receive and believe all,his pro- miles and threatnings Fifthly, As we defire God would, fo God bath, promiled to, . heareall our words, even all the requefts of his people which are according to his will. Chrifl fpeakeswithout reflri&ion ( Math: 21.; 2. ) All things whatfoever yeaxle in my name, believing ye. fhsall recety . And again (Po 14. t 3, 14.) kPhatfnever ye(bail. orrké inmy name, that will I doe; &c. Norare there any reffri&i- ons upon the promifesof God in granting and doing what we. aske, but only thefe two ; Firfl,. that we aske,right, things ; Se-; condly, that we aske aright. Now-if the Lord bath pr.omifed to hearken to all our words3not to this or that, but to all Our words which are according to his will, (we have no liberty toaske be- yond the will of God, beyond the rule of Scripture, nor can we. aske any thing beyond Char, but it is to our hurt and damage,. now if God (I fay) willhearken toall our words )lhould nor we.bearken to all his ?- Lafily, The conditionupon which God hathpromifed toheare' all our words, is, that we fhould be ready ro heare and hearken. toall his words,(t John 3. 22. ) whatfoever we aske we receive, becaufe we keepe his Commandements, and doe the things that pleafe, him It were not confidence, but highef#and moti hatefull impu, dence, to expe& that Cod fhould pleafe us by giving. us what, we aske, while we refufe ( which is the condition of that pro- mile ) to doe the things that pleafe hitn. Thus êlihuwould have. J'ob hearken, to all his words, he being about to fpeake, not his owne, but the words of God. And that Yob might not delay the . opening ofhis tare to heare, Elihu tells him., further in the next verle, that hitnfelfe had already opened his mouth to-fpeake. Verf. 2. Behold now.1have openeet my. muth,, my tongue hatb. fpoken in my mouth. TiiSphrafeofopening themouth; imports foure things. Firft<