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Chap: 33. An Expofition upon the Book, of o B. Verf. 2, Firti , That a, man bath been long filent; they that are full of talke, andfpeake out of featon, may bePaid toEwe their mouth alwayes open, rather. then at any time to open their mouches. But Elihu protefled in the forme,' Chapter that he had waited as- a,Difciple to heare and to Jeanie, and had waited with utnofi patience.; therefore he might well fay, Behold now Ihave opened my mout h,and taken upon me to fpeake. So ( Chap: 3. a.) after job had late filent a great while, it is Paid , Then Jel, opened his mouth, and.curfed the day ofhis birth; Thus to open the mouth, intimates much filence or forbearance of fpeech, and long ex- peaation of a feafon or opportunity to fpeake. Secondly, Opening the mouth, implyeth as fpeaking after much filence, fo withmuch prudence. A fooles mouth is there- fore.fayd tobe alwayes open, becaufe whenfoever he fpeaketh, he is found fpeaking imprudently and impertinently. But a ,wife Os aperire di man will not fpeake, unleife he may fpeake to purpofe, and fo cuntur spud opens his mouth to fpeake. Solomon faith, (Prov. 2 i H. teas, qut ¢. 7. ) TYi - infftruunt fer- dome is too highfor afoule, he openeth not his mouth in thegate ; monem fertum that is, he is unfit to fpeak in the prefence of wile and judicious et de re gravi. men, he mayopenhis mouth in the fireets, and in common Corn- ['ifc: pany, but he opens not his mouth in the gate, where the Elders and lviagifirates ufed.tomeete and judge the weightiefl matters.,. There is a foure -fold Confderation tobe had,as to the due open ing of the mouth, ( And no (mall matter to .open the mouth with thofe Confiderations. ) Firfi, Conlideration is to be had of theplace and Company: where, and to whom we fpeake. Wemull not call pearles before. fwine, nor give firong mate .to Children-. Secondly , The time and feafon wherein we fpeake mull be . confidered ; every truth is not fit for. every time. Chrifl would not fpeak ail at once to hisDifciples, for. this realen,- ( fohn 16. a 2.),Ihave many things to fay.untoyou, but ye cannot beare the now ; and becaufe ye.cannot beare them now,therefore I :wiltn faythem now.. Thirdly, Confideratiçn is tobe had how .and in what wayto fpeake, whether inliru&ingly, or exhortingly, reprovingly, or Comfortably, `we.fhouldalwayes labour to divide the wol4 of God, and what we fpeake from it aright, giving every one his proper part and portion; .,Then aman opens his mouth tofpeake, when,;