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xço Chap. 33. An Expoftion upon the Book of J'o E. Verf. z. when he Con ders how to fort his fpeech according to the flare of things and perfons before hint. Fourthly , Confideration is to behad of the' end or tendency offpeech, what our ayine and mark is ; we fay, a foules bolt is foone,fhot, he Confiders not his ayme and mark in fpeaking he that opens his mouth, looks to his mark, and drives a -deliigne, or bath a purpofe in every word that paffeth from him. Inde'videtur Thirdly, This phraÇe of opening the mouth, notes liberty of thci .1;8 PY- fpeech, or boldnefle in (peaking ; when a man Both not fpeake in :ho, pod ob- his throat as untaught children doe, nor in his belly, or in a bot- tres l t u- tie, as Witches andSorcerers are fad to doe, that peepe and ttestnflati tut- Y P p gel ant fpi- mutter (Ifa: 8. x 9.) When a man ( I fay) doth not fpeak airy ritus immundus of thefe covert wayes, but freely and liberally, then indeed he en iLlovumven- opens his mouthto fpeake. We have that Expreflion in the pro- ire tefpondeat. mile, ( Ezek, 29. a x.) In that day will I caufe the horn of the houfe ofIfiael to budforth, and Iwill give thee the opening of the mouth in the midi ofthem, and they fhali know that "I am the Lord ; That is, I will give thee boldneife, and liberty of fpeech : time was when thou didfi not dare to fpeake a word for God, or ofGod, ofhis praife, name and worship, or if thoudidíf it-was but in a Corner, or whifperd in fecret ; but the time (halt come when I will give thee the openingof the mouth ;thou (halt fpeak my truth and praifes boldly : and the Enemy fhall know that I theLord have procured thee this liberty:Tìs a great mercy when God gives his people the opening of the mouth, or liberty of fpeech, to fpeak boldly, no man hindring; "nonor fomuch as drf- eouraging them. The Prophet makes that the chara&er of an e- vill time, when the prudent keep filence, ( Amos 5. x 3.) As in evill or calamitous times, it becomes the Godly prudent tobe wit= tingly filent, adoring the juflice of Gods fevereft difpenfations towards them with patience and without murmuring at his hand. áoin fome evill times they are forced to keepe filence,(though afDavid fpake, Pfal: 39. z. ) their forrows be ftirred) either left by fpeaking, even nothing but truthand reafon,rhey draw fur- ther forrows upon themfelves ; or becaufe they fee it but loll la, 'bourjip fpeake to apeople obilinateand refolved on their way. F trehly , This phrafe"of opening the mouth to fpeake, notes the things fpoken to be of very great worth, fuch as have been long canco&ed and digelled, and at laff ready to be brought forth