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Chap. 33. An Expofition Upon the Book of J o B. Verf. 3. 157 Satan himfelfe is transformed intoan Angel oflight. They formed and íhaped themfelves into Angels of light, and tooke up the do&rine of the faithfull Apofdles of Jefus Chriff in force things, yec'they did it not in the uprightnelle of their hearts,, but that they might weaken the eftimation of the true Apof}les in the hearts of the people, and fet up themfelves there , that foin o- ther things they might withgreater efficacy or more effe6ually, mif -lead them or draw them into error. Thus force are found fpeaking lyes in the truth of their hearts, and oth;rs fpeaking, truth in the falfeneffe of their hearts. Thirdly, Many fpeak that which is falfe with a falfe heart ; This is the height of wickedneffe. The Apof}le prophefieth of fuch (aTim: q. a. ) Who fhall fpeake lyes in hypocrrfe . the mat- ter they (peak is a lye,and they fpeak it with abafe and falfe heart too. And therefore he faith of thefe in the fame verfe, Their confciences arefeared with a hot iron ; that is, they are infencible both of the mifchiefe they dé , and of the mifery they muff. fuller. Elihu profeffeth himfelfe to benone of all there;- He fpake that which was right and true in theuprightneffe and truth ofhis heart. Such a one the Apoffle directs-the Gafpe! Deacon to be, (a Tim: 3. g,) Holding the myffery offaith in apure Confci. ence, which is the fame with anupright heart. And he tells us (i Thef. a. q., 5.) That himfelfe did not ufe anyguile in the miniaration of the Gospel. He had truth on his fide, andhe had truth in his heart, as he alto profeffedto his.Brethren-the 3ewes,. ( Rom: y. i', 2.) Ifpeakthe truth in Chriff, I lyenot, my:Confci _ enceall° bearing me witneffe in the holy Ghofi, &c. And againe, ( 2 Cor: a. I.7.) we arenot of thofe that Corrupt the truth ; we fpeah.the truth , and (peak it truly. He is a better fpeaker that (peaks with an upright heart, then he that fpeakes withan elo- quent tongue ; He is the happy fpeaker, who fpeakes more with his heart then with his tongue, that can fay with Elihu toyob, Mywords (hall be< of the.uprightneffe-ofmyheart. Words fpoken ; of that fubjetl, and words flowing from that fubje&i, are lovely words. Of this latter fort faith Elihu to lob, My words(ball be. andMy lips Jhall utter knowledge clearly. 3kb had charged his three. friends ,(Chap::a 3.4..) that they were