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r 38 Chap. 33. An Expofìtion upon the 13°&of J o "it. Verf. 3. uta tribns ce were forgers oflyes. This Elihu engageth again%, while he faith, na b roud óly lips (hall utter kizowled e. clearly ,g c,Jfe,1t fabric - The word here tran{latéd Clearly, is rendered two yvayes., turesmendarii, Firf y As an Adjedtive. hoc a fé ex,&.- Secondly , As an Adverb. fen'entia , Many render it as anAdje6tive , My lips frail utter cleare biame am la, knowledge or difïina knowledge ; cleare as to the matter ; pure, bianisi , 2 A- plaine, without any adulteration,deceit, or guile, as to the man- Z)..,111: 4r. So the-word is Often tired, I might give you many Scrip- tures for ir.The Prophet fpeaking in the perfon of Chrift( /fa: 44, planumperfpi- 2. ) faith, Be hathmade me apollfled fhaft, the Hebrew is, a pure cuum, afucoa- lienum (ncerumfhaft, a glittering, (Lining thaft. (yer: 5. i i.) Hemadebright & ab Omni his arrowes, there this word is ufed. It is applyed alto toChiefe fcoria doli out men (s Chron: 7.8.) Theft were Choyce men, pure men. So faith mendaeij pur- Elihu ( My lipsfl, It utter clears )ruining pure knowledge. ,) garerem. Hence note. We fhould freak cleare truth. Truth without mixture, truth well winnowed, dolfrine well refined. The commandement ofthe Lord is a pure word, (Pfal: i9.8.) :There's-not anydrofsat all in it,'tis like flyer tryed leven time in the fire (Pfäl, 12. 6.) The Prophet among other biefiings which Godpromifeth to his Church andpeople,hath this(I fa: 30. 24. )The Oxen likewifeand theyoung Ales that eare the ground fhall cote cleane Provender,free from theftraw, and chaff, duft and ,darnel. But may we not here renew the Apoftles queflion, ( i Cor: 9. 9, to,) 'both bed takecare for oxen ? or faith he it altogether for our fakes ? for our fakes no doubt it is written ; That the mouth of the oxe treading out the corne, fhould not be rnuzzl'd, was written for the Miniíters fake, to affure them, that while they labour in the Gofpel to feed fouls,their bodies fhould be fed. And that the oxen and young affesfhall Bate cleans pro vender, was written for the peoples fake, to affure them , that Chrifl would fend them fuch MinifterS as fhould feed' them with pure holy wholefome do&rine, not with the chafe of unwritten traditions, nor with the mixtures of humane inventions. They fhould be taught cleare knowledge, as Elihu here fpeaketh. This mercy was alto prophecied ( Zeph: 3. 9. ) Then will turne to thepeople a pure language,or a Clean lip : it is this word,thwha,