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16o Chap.,33. An Expofition upon the Book, of J o B. Verf.3. ty, therefore let no man fpeake them as the oraclesof the devil" were fpoken, or as the devill fpake his oracles, that is, ambigu- oufly and doubtfully ; The devil of old gave out all his anfwers and oracles doubtfully and darkly to his darke and blinded vo- taries ; what he fayd might beare feverall Conftrucions. And he fpake fo on púrpòfe, that whatfoever the event or iffue proved to ,Crafus Hatyrn be, he ( though the father of lyes) might have the reputation of penerrans mag- fpeaking truth. The Devils- oracle gave Crcefus fuch an anfwer as am pervertet hemight Interpret either of a great fucceffe, or of agreat over- elmvim throw, when he asked counfel about his warres. Andwhen Saul came to Enquire of the Witch of Endor, that is, of the Devill, (r Sam: zä. r r.) 'ne gaveiim a doubtfull refolve Tomorrow (halt thou and thy Sons be with me(v.19. ) Which ambiguous an- fwer might be underfloodas of the next day following, fo indefi- nitelyof any dayhere approaching. Satan loves not to fpeake knowledge ciearely. But the fervants and meffengers of Chrift, anua ,ufe great plainnefs of fpeech while they are treating of and giving out the mind of God to his people ; andbe careful( thatas the dó61rine is found which they deliver, fo there may be aclearnefs in their delivering of it. Their lips ( as Elihu en- gaged his fhould) ought to utter knowledge clarely. OB,