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i6z Chap. 33. An Expojtion upon the Book of J o B. Verf.4. of all the vifible workes of God. The Spirit of God bath made me. Thereare two things here tobe enquired ; Firfl, what we are to underhandby the Spirit of God, to whom Elihu attributes his making. Secondly, Why lothVilna attribute his making to the. Spirit of God ? To the former quellion, I anfwer ; Firf ,ne- gatively, that by the Spirit of God we are not to underhand a power or vertue put'forth by God, in which fence we fometimes read the Spirit of God in Scripture. But by the Spirit of God here, we are to underflánd Gód.theSpirit. In which fence we read ( Gen: i z.) The Spirit of god moved opon the face of the waters, As alfo ( Math: 3. i 6.) He fan the Spirit of God def cending like a dove, and lighting uponhim; that is , upon Jefus Chrift, baptizedbyYe/on in Jordan. The fecond queflion is, Why doth.Elihuattribute his making to the Spirit of God ? Regeneration or our new-making is pro- perly the work of the Spirit, but is Creations or our naturall con- flitution his work alo ? Saith not Mofes ? (Gen:z. 7.) TheLord God formed man out of the duffof the earth ; Jehovah Elohtm for- med man. And ifwe look into the firfl of John ver: z, 3. we read thus; lathebeginning was the word,. and the wordwas with rod, and the Word was God ; thefame was in the beginning with god, all thingswere .made by him, and without him was not any thing made, that was made. There our maker (for the making of all things is attributed to him ) is the Son, the fecond perfon in the holy Trinity, or the Word, who ( as it followeth in that Chap- ter ) was made fiefh. Why then doth elihte here afcribe his making to the Spirit ? And how are thefe Scriptures recon cited ? I anfwer, By thanreceived Maxinein Divinity , The workes of the holy Trinity towards the creature areundevided. So that, while this Scripture afcribes the making of man to the Spirit or Third perfon in the Trinity, it dothnot at all crate thofe which afcribe it to the firft or fecond, the Father or the Son. The Spirit of God loath made me. Hence note. Firíi , ,Man as to his bodily making, or the making of his body, is theworkmanfhip of God. 'VI: we are his workmanfhip created in Chrijt J'efeis to good holy or