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Chap. 33. An Expofition upon the Books, of J o . B. Verf. q.. 16 5_ Secondly , In', that the. making of than is attributed to the Spiiit. Obferve.. The. Sprit of God is God. The holy Ghofi is not only a power of God, or a word gone out from Cod, but the holyGhofi is God. This is cieare from the efficiencyof the holy Spirit ; The Spirit of Gid bath made me. The work of creation is attributable to none .but God. That power which at firfi fer upman in his creation, conrinueth him to this day ; this power andgreat prerogative is given to the Spirit ; therefore the Spirit is God. ( PJa1: 3.3. 6. ) By the wordofthe Lord ( his fubfiantiall Word or Son) were the heavens made, and all the hogof them, by the breath (or Spirit) of his mouth ; that is, Jehovah byhis Eternal( Sonand Spirit made all things. The heavens and their hors, are there exprefled by aSy- necdoche of the part,.for the whole creation, or, for all creatures both in heaven and in earth. Again ( Prat: too. -3 ó:) Thenfend- eftforth thy spirit, they are created ; The Spiritof God creates everyday ; what is it that continua» thiigs to their created be ing, but providence ?. That's atrue axiome in Divinity; Provi- dence is creation continued Now the Spirit of God who created at firft; creates to thisday ; Thou fende(l forth thy Spirit, they are created. The workof creation was finished in the firfi fix Bayes of the world , but the work of creation is renewed.. every day, and fo continued to the end of the world. Succeve providen- tiall creation as well- as original! creation is afcribed to the Spirit. The Scripture is full of arguments to -prove that the holy Ghat/ is God ; Which (because this fondamentali truth is blaf-- phemoufly fpoleen againfi.) I shall a little touch upon. Firíi , As the Spirit createth and makes the.naturalt man. con- Ring ofbody and foule, fo he regenerateth (which is agreater creation) the whole into a fpirituall man ; therefore he is God. (John 3. 5 ;) except saman be borne agame ofwater, and . of 'the Sprat ( that is, of the Spirit who is as water) he cannot enter into ; the kingdomeofGod. The holyGhofi is alto call'd, The:fana fier; fan6ification is regeneration inprogrefs; and motion ; regenera- tion is ; fanbìification begun ,. And fan iitrcation is regeneration per.