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1.64 Chap. 33. An Expofition upon the gook, of - J o B. Verf.4. Hence confider. Firíl , That, we owe not only our well being, but our very> being untò Cod. And therefore Secondly , No man ought to looke upon himfelfe as his ©wne So the Apollle argues( i Cor: 6.19. ) Knowyenot that your bodyris the temple of the holy CJho t which.min you, which yehave of God;andyeare.notyourowne ; his owne,he is Gods, who-hath.made him. Saintsand believers efpecially are not their own in that repfe t;as alto becaufe their bodies are the tern, pie of the holy Ghoft that is, the holy Ghoft bath fandfifed them for- himlelfe,for his peculiar fervice,and for his habitation.Nowas the bodyes of Saints are the temple of theholy Ghofl, becaufe he Both fan&ifie them ;: fo they are the temple of the holy Ghoft, becaufe he bath reared themup,.and built them. That confide- ration should urge us to,duty our bodies are temples built, as well as temples fan&i ed by the holyGhofl; And thereforewe are not our owne at all, nor in any refpe&} ; and if we are not our owne at ally but the Lords,thenwe ought tobe alwayes for the Lord. Hence , Thirdly , Hath the Spirit ofGed made us ? (as Elihu faith) then let the Spirit ufe us ; how fad is it,that when the Spi- rit ofGod bath made our bodies and foules, we thould let the wicked fpirit tire either ( as he doth both the bodies and foules of carnali: men) to his bale fervices. The evill fpirit did nei- ther make your bodies nor your foules, why thould he have the command of either? Therefore, as your members have beenwea- pons ofunrighteoufneffe tofin, fo let them be infrumentsof righte.. oufneffe unto God. Seeing the holySpirit hath-madeus,let not the evill fpirit ufe fo much as a little finger of us ; for, he barb not made not only fo much as a little finger of our hand, but fomuch as the leafl haire of our heads ( as Chrifl faith we our felves can- not, Math: 5. 36. ) whiteorblack ,. And therefore let notthe evill fpirit make ufe ofone haire ofour heads white or black, as a flagge of pride and vanity, or to be an occafionof fin toothers. He that maketh the houfe ought tohave-the poffefionand fervice of it, either to dwell in it himfelfe, or to receive rent and pro- fit fromhim that dwells in it. The fpirit havingmadeus, thould not only have the rent and revenue, but the full poffefion of m for ever. That which is of God thouldbe for God, for him al- wayes, and only for him.. S,e-