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Chap. 33. An Expofition upon the Book, of J O B Verf, 4. 16: but whatfoever he/hall heare,that(hall he ffreake , and he witlPhew you things to come. Which 'aft words are A fourth argument that he is God. As the Spiritreacheth, fo he foretelleth, all things (r 7inn: 4, I. ) Now the Spirit fpe.aketh expreffely, that in the latter times fame (hall depart from thefaith, giving heed to(educingfpirits and doEtrìnes of devil r; The Spirit of God clearly forefeeth and infallibly foretelierh what mall be; . b.fore it is, therefore he is God. The Lordby his holy Prophet ( Ifa: 4.1. a 3.) challengeth all the falfe Idol gods of the Heathen to give that proofe of their. Divinity; Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know thatye are- Gods, As if he had fayd, Doe that and we will-yield the caufe.Men and Devillsmay guefle at, but none can indeed Phew things to come but God. Fifthly, The Spirit appoints to himfelfe officers and miniftets in the Church, therefore he is God,(A 1s 13. a.) The holy Ghoft faid, feparate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto Ihave called them.. Sixthly, The holyGholl furnifheth thofe Officers whom he calleth with power and gifts, as he pleafeth, thatthey may be fit for-the work or miniftery of the Gofpel ( I Cor: I a. 8. I i.) 7é one is given by theSpirit, the word ofwifdorne, to another the wordof knowledge by thefameSprit, &c. Eat all thefe worlseth that one and theftlfe-fame Spirit,dividtng to everyman fevera/ly ar he,rwill, Nov, who can give wifdome and knowledge, who can give them prerogatively, following in this diflribution, or divifion of gifts, no rule, nor giving any other reafl of it but his ovinewill, ex- cept God only ? Seventhly , The holy Ghofl is finned againfl ;- therefore he is God. Some, poffiblymayobjea and fay, This is not a convincing of demonflrative argument, that the holy Ghoft is God, becaufe he is finned againft ; For man may fin againft man. All fecond table fins are fins againft our Neighbour ; and the Apof+le tells the Corinthians ( i Ep: 8. 12.) thatwhile,they ufed their lawful! liberty in eating with offence, they finned againFt the Brethren, I anfwer, Whofoever isproperlyfinned agatnfl is God, becaufe God is the Law-giver. And, though many a6lions of men aredi re&wrongs toman , yet in every wrong done tomar3,God alto is wronged, and, in firiet fence,he onlyis finned againft by man. Fór the reafonwhy any adfion isawrongto man., isbecaufe it is agáiníî.