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4ftg.86ttt-tli41)Wft 4415:ff 41rY sint yrcrVi á7:1"77*is77VM2t4tIrR'ritéSVFTET9nz T k"' A i`I EXPOSITION WITH Praetical l Obfervatious UPON The Thirty-fecond,T irty-third, and Thirty-fourthChapters of the Bookof 0 B. JOB , Chap. 32. Verf. 1, 2, so thefe three men ceafed to anfwer lob , b.ecaufe he was righteous in his own eyes. Then was kindled the wrath of Elihn the f on ofB era- chef the Buzite of the kindred of r;n against yob was his wrath kindled,becanfehejxftified hi,w- felfe rather then God. ., lfo againfl his three friends was his wrathkindled.:- becauf they had found no anfwer, andyet had con downed Job. He íafl Chapter ended with there words, The words of job are ended ; the beginning of this tells us his three friends 'had ended theirs, So thefe three men ceafed toanswer Jób; Thus we have had the whoie dispute between fob and his three friends;Now followeth the de- .*-11 termination of it:The difputants having done, roe moderators begin ; Firl1Eliot ,, and,after himGod himfelfe. B Elihu ::: f;