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Chap. 3 2. An Expofition upo* the Book, of j o B. Verf: Blrhu fiends fix wholeChapters in delivering his mind upon this Controve tie; yet' he makesTome paufes and overtures,, moving or inviting fob_to-a reply. But job interpofed`not a word. We may confider this whole difcourf of Et.'hu in foure di- flinót pasts; the firft contained in the 3 ad and 33d Chapters;. die fecoiid in the,, the third in the 3 5, h, and the fourrain- rbe 36th and 37lh Chapters of this Book`. In the tirll part, he dire&eth his fpeech ; firft to-fobs three friends, in this 3 ad- Chapter Secondly ,_to fob himfelfe the 3 In this Chapter we may confider , firft rationall tran(ridn from the dïlpeate between fob and his friends, to this difcowrfe of Elihu, in the five firft verfes ;-Secondly, we have a-very Rhetori call-or pathetical(Reface-, whereinElihu endeavourerh togain attention-by givinganaccounr, or the reafons of his undertaking in which he interweaves many Apologies for himfelfe, inventu-- ring upon fo-hard a taske, refpéccing both his youtli, and the' weight ofthe argument. He amplifies and continueth upon this fubje6 to the end of the 3 adthapter ; wherein- he engageth himfelfe by folemne promife tò carry on the lufineffe without re- fpeeI of perlons, without feare or flattery. Yet' more diRin ly. in this firfl part,The tranfition; firft, a- rea fon is a`ïìgned why Tobs friends left off fpeakin e4s it is not Stied to begin to fpeak,, fo neither togive- over fpeeking, till we fee and can give a reafon for it; The reafonhere given, is, becaufe fobwas righteous in his own eyes (v. t. ) Secondly, areafon is gi- ven not only why Elihudid begin to fpeak, but why he began to fpeak as he did, ananger ;'firft, agaiüft Job, which is laid down! in the fecondverfe, Becaufe he jut;fledhimfelfe rather then God; Secondly, againft his friends ( ver. 3. )-Becaufe they hadfound no anfwer, yet had condemnedfob, or, becaufe they cenfured though they couldnot confute him. In the 4thand 5th verfes , we have a dilcoveryof the caufeof Elihu's modefty in forbearing fo long to [peak, which he further inlargeth. in -the following parts ofthe Chapter. Verf. t. So thrfe threemen ceafed to anfi er fobb. They who had maintained the difpute all this while,crafed, éefted, or face down!. When men ,fpeak they ufually Rand up er