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12 Chap. 32. An E.xpofition opon the Book, of 3. o B. Verf. z; good and figni ìcant names, filch names as carry a remembrance. of duty, or of mercy. Wn:,n.Alexander the great., met with ,v common Souldier whofe_name was Alexander, He laid. tb him,,, Be fore thoridoe,nothinguna,crtby, the.nameof Alexander,.Hi name.. had a great.encouragemenr in it cogallantry inwarre, And Ego curabo ne noted of.íDladumentu, that havingobtained botfi the Empire and de/lm nomini thename ofAntoninus, he laid, I will labour a1CI can, that Imay limoninorum.. not bc.injnrioas to the. name ofthe,Aathofine;. This fhould be much more our care and audy, where.holineffemakes_ the name honourable ; :John figniderh thegraceof.God ; And, as I remem- ber it is.the fi,, ing ofone of the ancients, concerning a bad man; fo called, Thy name, ìa John, but thouart not John; thy name fig-: nifieth grace, but thou'art notgracious. Ambrofe..faicÿ- to the vir- gin Agnes, or Anne, , chaftity in. thy name, doe not contra.,: dill thy name. Sc Jerome writing to. ,Pammachiius, whichname, fignifieth a fighter againft all; Do thou( faith he )fight againfl all, fin, againft. the Devill,the world,and thy tonnecorrupnón. Thefame. Author writing to.Mclociaswhich fignifies , Honey freeetnefs, Have thou (faith. he) the freetneffe.of honey in thy manners. And toProbus he writes, Thy namefignifierh honefiy,7hen be thou ors honey man. The Apoftle exhorts ( 2.71m. z. 19. ) Let every, one that nameth. the, name of (brig depart frominiquity, It is a great argument, feeing all .who profe(le the Gofpel are called Chriftians, fromChria , that therefore they Mould adorne that aloft worthy naine by worthy walking. And let me fay to all thole wholenames lignifie any thing ofGod, of Grace, or good- neffe,ye have a good and gracious name,fet not your aCtious be a reproach,to. God,,nor a fhame to the profeffîon of his grace. A good heart will make a goodufe of every thing , and is provoked. to have more then a name for that graceor goodneffe which is ire his name, even to be really that which his name is. How-fhould. ,an Elihu, whole name fionifies He is my God,labour after this ho- ly affurance that God is his?How fhould aBarachel, whole name fignifieth the BleflîngofGod; be alwayes praying and waiting for the bleflingof God, or returning praife, to God ( both in.hemrt, and life ) for all his blefngs ?: Elihu the fan of Barachel The Buzitc. Here Elihuis defcribed byhis family, as before by his farher. The