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14 Chap. 3a. An Expofitiän upon the Boob,,of J o $. Verf. a Neutr4fenten- young man ; And therefore as Saul( i Sam. 17. 56. ) when he tie arcedteem, law David a youngman, he asked after his narentage ; Enaitire fedRam whole Son thisfiripling is ; I would faine know his kindred. So the quempiamfue putarim virum kindred ofElihu is thus diftinctly fet downe, that he who by rea- celebrem etc1a- fora of his youth was littleknowne as to his perfon , mightbe the rum exffmitia better knowne by hisAnceftors, or parentage. %[ahor. Mere: Secondly, His parentage is thusdifiindly let downe, toafire us, that this is a true hi(fory; For fame have made the whole booke offob tobebut aparable, afferting there was no fuch reali thing. But this one paffage gives an undeniable proofe, that this was a reali hiflory, and thematter really aóted. This perfon be- ing defcribed by his owne name and his fathersname, and the next ofhis kindred. from the confiderationof the perfon who carried on fo great a part in this bufineffe, Etihu, thefon of Barachel the Buzite of the kindred ofRam, who was of a ftrange Country, and if allyed to Abraham, yet atagreat diftance; wemay obferve ; God did preferve afeed ofriligton, and ofholy men to maintain his truthamong thofe who lived in dark! places , and were wrapt up inmanyerrors andftsperfiitions . This was altono:ed from the drib words of this booke , There was a man in the LandofVz;Aman of gracious actor plifhments 'and of a heavenly light. Here alto was Elihu the Buzite, Amatt that had great knowledge about holy things ( as we lhall fee af- terwards) in thole parts and times when and where abundanceof darknefie blindneffe andignorance reigned. Having thus defcribed Elshu; Thehiflory proceeds. Againsrl fobwas his wrathkindled, becaufe he juftifiedhimfelfe rather then God. Ín the former part of the verle it is faid ; Then was kindled the wrathofElihes ; Not fpecifying againft whom,nor the caul why ; here hedoubles the fame words, with an addition, firft, of the perfon with whomhewas angry ; Againfl fob was his wrathkind- led. And as he tells us the marke or obje61 of his wrath x: fohe gives, fecondly,thereafon of ir; Becaufehe juflified himfelfrather then God. Before I come to the explicationof this latter branch, take there two brief notes. First,