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Chap. 32. an Expofition upon the Book, of Jo D. Verf. 2. 15 Firfl, ejfgodlyman in maintaining agoodcaufe, maygivejuf' reafon ofanthers paffion or anger. job was a good man,andhis caufe was good,yet you fee a wife and a good mans wrath is kindled. Paul and Barnabas were two good men, yet a difference arofebetween them (fiîls 15. 39 and the contention was ft (harp between them that they departed afunder. Secondly, Confidering the caufe of this anger in generali, Be- caufe he jolttfi'edhimfelfe rather then good ; we fee it was an anger for Gods caufe. Hence note ; gingerfor God or in the caufe ofGod is holyanger. Though for the moll part the flefh or our carnall corruption is the caufe of anger, and it begins at felfe ; yet fometimesit is flitr'd in the caufe of God. It is faid of Mofes, the ltieekefl man on earth ( Numb. 12. 3. ) that when he faw-the idolatry of the people ( exod. 3 2. r 9. ) His anger waxed hot ; Hewas fo angry that he call the Tables of theLaw which God had written with his own hand, out of his hand and broke them. It is faid (Mar.3. 5.) jefuo Chrift lookèdabout on themwith anger, beinggrieved for thehardneffe of their hearts; He alto exprefl a great deale ofzea- lous anger (Yoh. 2. 15. ) when he made a whip of fmall cords, anddrove thebuyers and fellers out ofthe Temple. Some of the He- DR age_ tell us, that the word here ufed for anger, fignifieth anger non iret notar, carried out to the deflru6lion of fin, and that is a very gracious quo forum gáir anger. There are two things whi h-exceedingly declare the hole- peccari,tun quo neffe of a mans fpirit. Firft, when he can patiently beare loads of f frveriras iu- evills and wrongs in his owne caufe, or which have but a privateßtlTimo eke- refpe&. Secondly, When he is ready to take fire in thecaufe of ßnefl. oc: God ; many dull and fluggilh foules can heare God abufed, and Koeprabes ab their fpirits ftirre no more then a flone ; Elihuwas angry , but it negationem tai was in the caufe of God ; or, Becaufe foby4/fled himfelfe rather &rmundifiin. then God. Whenwe are angrywith fin, we are angry (as the A- juriarun ferens poflle advifeth us to be ) and fin not; That's anger without n, aurém crreuon when we are angry with fin ; and are flirted up to oppofe and pi, ; idq; iii fuppreífe the pride and infolencyof mans fpirit or fpeeches a- utnot ad vin_ gain(}God ; To be angry for our owne honour, and intereff, or dicandu'n rd Gourd, ad e,nerdandum exfluinulGYes.