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Chap. 3 2. An Expo,fimien upon the Book,of J o s. Verf. 2. 17 had rather a thoufand timeshis tòngue fhould have been cut out of his mouth, then to juflifie himfelfe with it rather then God, or to fpeak a word to the difparagementof Gods Juflice. So then it was hard for Eau to charge Job thus, though yob had let, fall fome inconfiderate fpeeches, which adminiflred occafion for fuch a charge. And one of the Ancients fpeakes of difficulties and feeming contradi&ions in Scripture ; Drflingui fly the times, and the Scriptures will accord; Sodiflinguifh the time of this.diïpute, take job at the beginning of it, before he was teazed and heated by his friends, and then he fpake at a very low rate of himfelfe ; IfIwere righteous Iwould not knowmy owne fouie. But in the heat and towards the later end ofthis long dìfpuce, Sob gave too much advantage for fuch a conflru&ion to be put upon his words, that he ju(lifed himfelfe rather then God ; thenwhich nothing can be faid more unjdflitiable, nor more reproveable. Hence obferve ; 7ojuflifie our [elves doth ufually and juflly lay us open to the reproofeof others ; or, YojujPifie our felves, drawer blame upon our[elves. Yo juflifie, is foure wayes ufed in Scripture. Firfl , ( which is the moll remarkable and excellent a& of it ) God juflifieth man ( Rom. 8. 3 3.) It is God that juffifieth. This a&of divine Grace confifls in two things ; Firfl, in the imputati- onof Chrifls righteoufneflè to us ; Secondly, in the free remifFí- on of our fins. Secondly, Man juflifieth God (Lull. 7. 29, 30.) And all the people that heard him,and the Publicansjuf ifiedGod ) being bap- tized with the Bapttfine of fohn. Where to juflifie imports as much as to Glorifie doth, (Ails 13. 48. ) Andwhen the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and glorified the word ofthe Lord ; That Is, they readily approved and received the word of the Lord ; when we approve the Do&rine, and doings of God, his word and works, then we juflifie him. And how ready Qaould we be on all occafions to juflifieGod, who only is and is altogether good, when he is fogracioufly ready to jutifie us who are evil!, altoge- eher evill andungodly. Thirdly , We read in Scripture of man juflifying man, which is done any of thefe three wayes. D Firfl ,