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Chap. 3 2 , .An Expofition upon the Bookof J o a. Vert; 2,- 1.9; the rich grace of God in juflifying us freely through Chrift. David called others to take notice of what God haddone for his foule, ( Pfal. 66.16. ) Thus a beleever may lawfully at any time, and at all times , it is his duty to juftifie himfelfe before men, by giving as the Apoftle dire&s ( Pct.3. i 5. ) an anfwer to every one that asketha rcafon of thehope that is in him, ( that is, of his juflified Rate ) withmeelenefs andfcare. Secondly , Aman that is found at heart, honeri and upright with God, may lawfully juflifie himfelfe, as to the integrity of his intentions, purpofes, and defignes, when he falls under other mens jealoufies and fufpicions. 7)avid being oftenunjuffly Con- demned by Saul, was as often in this worke ofjuftifying himfelfe againfl him, ( Pfal. 7.8. ) lodge me, O Lord , accord:a to my righteoufneffe, and according- tomine integrity that is in me ; As if he had faid, I am judgednnrighteoully,but I appeale to thy righ- teous judgement,who fully knoweft (which I alfo know, my con- fcience bearing witnefs) mine integrity. I appeale to thymercy for the many fins which I have committed againft thy falfe, but I appeale to thy Juftice whether (as I am accufed) I have at all finned againft Saul. We may reade Paul doing the fame at large while he profeffed (z Thef. a. 3, 4.) that he did not aCI upon covetous defignes for himfelfe, nor was a flatterer of others , but as he was allowed ofGod to be post in truft with the even fo he f fake, not as pleating menbut God, which tryeth the heart. As it was the continual! praelife of falfe Apoflles and others to difcre- dit Pauls Minillery, by bringing his perfon out of credit, fo it was his continual! care to counter-works them , by a profeffed vindication of himfelfe. Wemay lawfully juflifie our felves and our aaings, when we are not only fufpeeted, but falfly accufed, and wrongfully charged about them, and that either of there two wayes. 'Firli , Whenwe are charged to have None that evill , which we never did, then we may jullifie felves by aflat denial! ; `Daviddid fo in that cafe (Pj"al. 7. 3,4. ) OLord nay God, if I havedone this, i fthere be-iniquity in- my hand, &c. As if he had Paid, OGod, thou knowefl I have not done this which many bur- den nie with. Againe ( Pfal. 3 5. i T. ) Fal fe witneff'e did rife sap, they laid to my charge things thatI knew not ; I have not had fo much as a thought to do that which they fayI have actually done. D a Thus