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Chap. 3 z, An Expofitian aspsn the Boob, of J o s. Vert'. Firfl, Some menanfvertill they have no more to anfWer. 'Tis verypo?ltble for a good and awife man tobe at the bottom ofuis reafon,in fome points,or to be brought to fuch a wall,thar he can go no further; David faith, Yhavefeenan end ofa&perfection, which as is is true of all outward commodities and conveniences, which men enjoy, fo both of their corporal and intelle&ual abili- ties, or ofwhat theycaneither door fay. The bell of menmay fee the end of their bell perfe&ions in all things, but Grace, and the hope of Glory. ,Their flock and treafuremay be quite fpenr, their fpring ezhauffed, and they tone ro their utmofl line and length. There's nomore anaver in their mouth, nor work in their hand. Secondlynote; Itmay put awife man into papon to fee how illfamewife men life their reafon, or that they can make nofurther ufe ofit. Thenwas the anger of Elihu kindled when he faw, they could anfwer no more, or that there was noanfwer in the mouthoftheft three men. Thirdly, As the anger of Elihu is often fpoken of, fo flill we find fome what-or other is alligned as a groundof it ; Whence note; Wefhouldfeegood reafonfor our anger before we are angry, whe. ther inour own saufe, or in thecat ofgod. There is nothing canexcufe anger but the caufe ofit. Reafon is a good plea for pallion ; And he that bath a true reafon for his anger,will probably manage his anger with reafon,yea,and mingle it with:grace ; And to his proves not only a rational,but a gracious anger. Fourthly note ; ?rovoked patience break{ out into greaterpaffion. in the former Verfe, we find lob waiting, he waited long and patiently ; but being difappointed of what he waited for hìu wrath broke out ; Has anger was 1¿ndled; As when ¡God waits long and is difappoinced, his anger is encreafed in the manifefla- tion ofit (Rom. a. 4, 5.. ver:) Defyi felt then the riches of h'sgood- _ tiffe