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Chap', 3a. 'Win. ExPoftion tt¡on the Book of J O B. Vert': y, 32 place, every !tripling will rake the boldnefs co talk and act' cur seemly before his beécers. Obeyfance and fìlaace, boxing the body, and holding the peace, e refpeòs which ought Co be paid to o ,z c a c lourswhi:.ther in time or auchority. But as yotug men 11.ot:1d not be forward to fp ak in the pretenceof their-elders, fo they 14-,ould nor be afraid ro fv: a;a, when there is caufe for it, efpectally when chair kkccs fo: bear or refufe to fpeak any more. Thus El;hu who had long kept his month (as David in anorher cafe did Plat: 39. i. ) with a bridle, andwas dumb with filerce,yet at laft hisheartwas hot within him, arc/whilehe was r.otsjîr«ç, thefi4 burned, and (as it followeth) he fpake with his tongoe. Verf. 5.. when Elihts faw that there was no a,1 per in the mouth oftheft three menrisen his wrath was kisadlcd. When El;ha fair it, that is, when he was as much affured of it (by their geflure and .carriage) as if it had,been vifihle,that thole, three menhad nomore to fay, or would fay no more ( for The words may be referred indifferently to their will or power, when, I fay, he law they hadno more to fay) Eicher, .firfl, to convince obof error, or fecondly, to defend the truth ofGod, which they had undertaken (when-he law this) his wrath was kindled, at that inflant time, and for that very reafon, his wrathwas Tindled.Some conceive (aswas {hewed before) that this:angerproceeded from thepaflonatenefs of his fpirit., and fo tax him with it as his fault; but I rather confent with thofe who fay it proceeded from his zeal for God, and fo it was his vertue and hispraife. I havemet with thefewords two orthree times already fince I entred upen this Chapter, and therefore I (hall not flay upon them here ; And asthis anger ofElihu was fpoken of before, fo the fame reafon which was givenbefore of his anger is repeated and reportedhearagair, ; Thenhis wrathwas kindled becaufethey had no anfwer in their mouths, that is, becaufe they had nomore ro fay againfl pbwhom they had condemned ; and because they hadno more to fay for Godwhole caufe in aficling fob they had defended I (hall only adde a fewbrief Notes upon this 'Vale, and fa.paífe on Itirkl,,