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Chap. 32. An Expofition upon the Book of J o a. Verf. 8. 51. J O B. Chap. 32. Verf. 8, 9. But there is a fpirit in man.: and the infpiration of the Almighty. giveth them underjianding. Great men are not almayes wife, neither doe the aged underjiand judgement. Lihu, aswas (hewed in the former words , having in vaine . Waited for the wifdome of the Ancient, proceeds irf this Context to give the reafon why the Ancient are not alwayes wife. Verf. 8. There is afpirit inman;, and the infpiration of the almighty giveth underfianding. There's the reafon of it; we render the firf} word of this eight verfe by the Adverfarive particle ( But) there is af jiirit inman ; it is'ufually rendered by the Affirmative particle, verily, truly, or indeed. Mr Broughton faith, Certes a (putt is infadman. Thefe is force citference in opinion about this fpirit affirmed tobe in man. Diversexpound Elihu intending the Spirit ofGod; there is afpirit ; that is,the divine Sill it, the holy Spirit of God, or God the Spiritis in man. One tif the Greek tranfiations puts ón-rds d'a it into the text ; Surely the Spirit of God ri in man ; and the Chal- crvev¡i` b' dee paraphrafe gives it in a like exprefiîon ; Surely there is apro- ts£ Sampw phetick fpirit in thefon ofman, or, to thefous ofmen. Some arm- mach. Y duced to.this interpretation, becaufeit would be ( fay they) but a cold argument tocommend what he had to fay for the retify- ing fob, by telling him that man hath a reafonable foule, which is common to all men. Yet I rather conceive That in this firff part of the verfe, the fpirit fpoken of is the naturali fpirit of man, -Which in the latter part of the verte he affirmes is infiru&ed,by the infpirationof the Almighty,' with fupernatural light for fpe- ciall fervices. The word is often ufed in Scripture to note the reafonable foule, or those powers of the foule which are the vif- fells of reafon, or inwhich naturali reafon hath its fate and exer- cice. There is a power of reafoning in man , or a fpirit which is animan able to difcoúrfeof all things ; there was fuch anaturals powerrationalem de- H 2 im_ notat.