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Chap. 3z. an Expafition upon the 13ook of Jo s. Verf.7. fills and drops downe from heaven, it is from above; that is, fromGod, who though he be every where- filling both heaven and earth wi, h his eßèntiall prefence ,., yet ( according to Scrip- ture language ) his moll glorious and manifefative prefence is move ;and therefore to fay, every goód gift is from above, is all one as to iay, it fromGod. Daniel and thofe other three No- ble youths of the Jewilh raceexceeded all the wife men of Chal- dea in rare abilities, and the Scripture tells us, whence it was, that they did fo. ( Dan, T.17. ) As for thefe foure Children, Godgavel them knowledge and shill in all learning and wifdome; and the aflertion is layd downe in General ( Dana 2. 21, ) He (that is , God) changeth times and feafons , he removetlì Kings andfetteth up Kings, hegivetlo wifdome to the wife, and knowledge to them thatlknow underftanding ; All thefe Scriptures fpeak with one Confent the language of this Text, It is the Infpirattonofthe .4lmighty thatgiverhunderfiànding. And if we compare i Sam:, io. t. with,the 6th 9th t tth and i zth verfes of the fame Chap ter, we have a molt remarkable voltage to this purpofe. Where Saul having received the unction fromSamuel, both as an affu- rance of and a preparation for the exercife of his kingly office over Ifrael; Samuel tells him (ver. 6.) The Spirit of the Lord will come upon thee, and thou (halt prophecywith them (that is,with thecompany ofProphets fpoken of in the former verfe) andfhalt de turned into another man. And the holy text adds (ver. 9. ) Godgave ( or as we pur in the margin turned )him another heart. There is atwofold tipping or changing of the heart, or of a man into another man. Firlt, by gifts of Illumination ; Secondly, by the grace of Sanólification ; thegreat change of the heart is that change, of Cónverfion, by the graceof Sandification ; Saul was - not turned into another man,nor had he another heart, as changed - by Grace ( for he (hewed (till his old heart in his now kingly fate) but he had another heart, or hewa another man as chan ged by gifts ; the fpirit ofthe Almighty gave him underflanding for the Governmentwhich he wascalled to ; for whereas before he had only aprivate fpirit, taken up aboat cartel and the affaires of husbandry, then Godgave him a fpirit ofprudence and valour,- a fpirit of wifdome and magnanimity, aNoble and anHeroicall Spirit, befitting the Governóur of fo great and ropulous a king- dome, both inpeace and warre.. EveryCalling is a rnyflery;much mere 55