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54 Chap. 32. An Expo/tion upon the lookof J o B. Verf. 7. wardparts, or who hath given underflarding to the heart ? who bath ? bath man put wifciome into himfelfe ? or bathhe made his own heart to underfland ? the glieflion denies, nó; man bath not done ir. Wiidome is an Influence or an Inípiration from the Almighty ; knowledge to order common things is of the Lord ('Ifa. z$. 26;2y.) Pis God "doth infiruff him (the husband- man he rneanes) to difcretion (in orderingthe ground) andBoth. teach him; how much inofe in fpirituall things and the inylteries ofthe kingdomeof heaven. (Prov. 16. 1.) The preparation of the heart toman, axd the Ar.freer of the tongue (tha. is, The fit- ting of the heart for any right anfwer of the tongue) is from the Lord ; boththe general( preparationof the heart for fervice or ufe, and the fpeciall preparation of it to this or that fervice&ufe isof the Lord,& fo is the Aniwer ofthe tongue for the difcharge of it. (Ecclef z. 26.) Godgiveth to man that Isgood in bis wi fdome andknowledge andjoy ;. As God giveth man the know- , ledge of things, fo wifdome to know how to order and man- age the things that he knoweth ; Some have moreknowledge then theyknow how to manage, their knowledge mallets them, they are nor matters oftheir knowledge ; they havemore know- ledge then wifdome. NowCod gives tohim that is good in his light (that is, to the man whom he choofeth and is pleafedwith). and wifdome;aüd then he gives him,joy,that is,Com- fort in the exercife of that knowledge wherewith he is endued ; this is anotable and a noble gift ofGod: We read.( Ifa. 1 1. 2.) Thefpirit of the Lord (halltoff upon him, the fpir t of wifdome, and underflanding ; It is aprophefie of Cbrill, who being made in all things like to man, hada naturali fpirit , or a reafonable faculty, and hehad that furnilhed by the fpirit without meafure; the fpi- rit tithe Lord relied uponhim, thefpirit of wifdome and under- flanrding, thefpirit ofCounfell andmight, the fpirit ofknowledge and of the ftare of the Lord ; evenChritt as man received anunion or infpiration from the Almighty for the fullfilling of his Media- toriall office ; much more doe meere men for the fulfilling of any office they are called unto. (2Cor. 3. 5. ) we are not fuffi- 'c:ent ofourfelves fomuch as to thinke agood thought ; Our fufñ- ciency is by the Inípiration of the Almighty. (Tames I. 17. ) Everygoodgift and everyperfetZ gift isfromabove ;It is nota va- pour that rifeth out of the earth, but an Influence which di- fills'