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Chap. 3 2. an Expofition upon the Boob of J o E. Verf. 9, world) are nothing, doe you follow me , who have all things, and can fupply you with all. Thus here faith Elihu, Great men are not alwayes wife; Why not ? the reafon is becaufe God Both nor alwayeakbef }owwifdome upon them , It is the Inîpiration of the Alrnighry that giveth underfianding ; Grearneíie Both it not ; Not many wife men after theflefh, not many Great or Nibble are Called. Elibuand the Apoflle Paol fpeake the fame thing A- mon in the fame words. This is alto a proofe of the divine Au- thoritie of this booke, as well as that (I Cor. 1.19. ) taken out of the fpeech of Eliphaz, in the 5thChapter at the 13th verfe ; He taketh thewife in their owne craftineffe, &c. Great men are not alwayes wife. The word alwayer is not at all in the Orïginall text,and there- fore put in a different Charaeler ; Great men are nót wife; but 'cis well fupplyed by that word alwayes ; For the meaning of Eli his is not that great men are never wife, but not alwayes wife. Great men, the Rabbies, the honourable men of the world, men 7, magn.. in Authoritie and great place are intendedby this word. The Of- uncle Rabbi ficers which King Ahfueros fet over his feat#, are called Rabbles IYIaglfler, qui (Ef . I. 8.) fo that we may expound it here in he largefi fence, multi n erudi. as including all forts and degrees ofGreat ones, t :onern haber. b g Honorabiles Great' men are not alwayes w fe, Pagn: Magna- tes. Tygur: That is, avrfdome neither fioweth from, nor is it alwayes aflro- c_i itedwith Greatneffe, As fome are little yet great, little in the world, yet great in true wifdome; fo others are Great, yet little, are little in wifdome, or have little true wifdome, though theyare great in the world, or have great worldly wifdome. Hence no-e. It is not greatneffe of birth, ofplace, or power, that can make any manwife, nor doth it at all afore as, that a man is wife, becaufe we feehim exalted to and fetled in a place of power andgreatnefs. The Prophet (ter. 5 -. 4, S, ) finding force very incorrigible and hardned in finfull,courfes, concluded them meane perfons, and in the lowefl forme of-the people. Therefore faid, Sorely - theft arepore, they are-foolifh, for they know not the way of the Lord,