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64 Chap. 3 z. An E.xpofition rápon the Book, of J o B. Verf. g Lord, nor the judgement of their God. Tobe poore and foolifla is very common ; thefe are poore and foolish ( faith the.Prophet ) but furely I fhall finde the Great ones better accommodated with wifdome; and thereupon he refolved, Iwill gome to the great men, and will fpeak anto hem, .for they have knowne the way of the Lord, and the judgement of the.'rGod ; That is, thefe great men have had great meanes of knowledge, and we have reafon to fuppofe them as great inknowledge , as theyare in place or power. -But did the great men anfwer his expeòlarion ? did he find that in them, which he fought and looked for -? nothing leffe : The great menproved more foolith, or lefie in true know- ledge then the poore; as it followeth, Bat there have altogether broken theyóake and burff the bonds ; As if he had faid, I thought theftgreat menhadbeen wife, but 1 fee they are very,footer. What can be a greater argumentof folly, then tobreak thofe yoakes and bonds, which the wifdome of God bath put upon us ? 'Tis both our wildome and our freedome to be bound by the moll wife and holy will of God ; and hence the Prophet accounts tjiis one as firong as a thoufand arguments, to prove that the Great menamong the f ewes were not wife, becaufe they werenot only unwilling to bebound to the obedience of thewill of God , but wilfully buril thofe bonds. When Jeius Chrifi came into the world,the great ones,the Rabbies had the leaf+ true wifdome,they would not believeon him, nor receive him ; yea fomeboaf+edof this .their unbeliefe as an argument of their wifdome (f ohn 7. 48, 49.) Have any of the Rulers, or of the Phárifees believedon him ? No ; they were toowife tobelieve ; Faith in Chrift was left to the fooles, and counted folly by thofe wife men ; Bat this people( fay they, meaning the common fort or ignorant vulgar ) yeho knoweth not the Law are turfed. And they thought them ac- curfed becaufe they believed in and received Jefus Chrill, the chiefeft blefling. Great men are not alwayes wife in civili things, very rarely in fpirituall things ; They have not alwayes the wifdomeof aman,they feldome have thewifdom of a reall Chri- f+ian. They are not alwayes worldly wife , or wife for this`pre- Lent world , much leffe are they alwayes wife for the world which is to come. Great in title, andwife in truth, are a fweete couple, but fildome feene. If fo Then there is no taking of thingsupon truft from the