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66 Chap. 3 a. An ExpoLion open the Boo j o E. Verf, underhand the rule, nor doe they alwayes a61 according to the rule which they underhand ; theyvvho fayle inone, muchmore in both thefe, doe nor underhand judgement. Sometimes the aged are at a Joffe and know not vvhat ródoe, and oftentimes they are fó enraneled with their lufis, that they will not doe- vvhat they know. Yet here remember, thefe words arenor to be` taken-as an abfclute negation of vvifdome to the ancient , much lefle as -a reproach uyon them : For ufually the aged are mots utíderflanding in judgement, and we may more probably and doe more frequently finde Judgement wc'h them, then among thole that are young. And therefore when Elihu faith,- neither doe the aged ttnderfand judgement his only. this Old age doh not give vvifdome, nor is it the old mans píiviledge onto, to underhand judgement. Hence note. s honoìsror greatneffe ofeftate, fo age orgreatneffe ofyeares,. . doth not confer wif.dome ùpon anyman. e doth neither flop nor convey knowledge and finder ._ mg old men have not their knowledge by their Antiqui- tie , and therefore, as no man. is wife at all times,-fo no man is made wife by time. Inhriót fence, vvifdome is nòt the darghter -oftime', but the gift ofthe eternal; It is 'not time but divine favour vvhich makes 'wife.' They re fóone made wife and lear- ned, whom.God will reach. The-teachings of God make young men like the ancients in vvifdome, and without his teaching,the viol=no npe aged are like children in folly. God fomeiimes denieth evil juris non pen- stet afeneftura. dome to the Ancient, and Sometimes- he takes vvifdome from, Pifc them. And God fuff rs old men to aee like children, togoe out of the way, to doe foolií`ily, that he may flaine the glory of all , flefh, and that all 11might both know and have their dependance on him alone. Hence take twoor three deduótions. Firfi , From the Connetlionof thefe two 'verfes, we learne that-, 7hefpirit of god is not tyed to any atre srdgreeofmen ;7-he Infirationof the Almighty g-veth underfanding ; Great men are, not alwayes wife, Etc. The.Spirit òf God is a free Spirit; and at the Spirit is free became he meves without any defert in theob- jeeT ; as alto becaufe he gives Iibegilly, llenttfally, and abnm- dandy; fo theSpirit of God is free as to the choice of obje6ls, he.