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48 Chap. 3 2. An Expofitien upon the Boom of J o $.. Verf. y; gii licit detra- tiquity, that he is an old man,and his authority, that he is a great íla,fèarfumper man, muff not fway you ; His outward geflure, tone and gravity, fie exgttaïnari' his ¡evere -or demure lookes, which much ariec`l, almoll afloniih Etenim"canities dicantia;geflue unlearned auditors, and make them ready to (wallow any thing fupevcrliti, &c. that is uttered,: muf},all be layd afide. when the matter delive j.iciw,t ad per- red and afferted, comes to be examin'd and layd intheball ance. cellendum im- Believe what is laid becaufe you judge it true,, doe not believe jáeritùx7Audi- it true becaufe fuch or fuch a man bath laid it ; becaufe an old rarem. i lu- , tarctde Au_. man, or a great man, or a good man bath laid it. How flriclly. ditione. thén. and. religioufly is this to be observed in hearing the word of- God, and the doc`frines of faith :? in that cafe be fure to lay, slide all that concernes the fpeaker, and weigh what he fpeakes -alone_ and tingle in the Ballance of the Sanchuary. Thirdly ,- Then, we ought not to defpi fe 'what young menfay, lempora becaufe of theiryouth. Ifoldmen be not alwayes wife, then wit- quippe virus- dome may be with the young ; fometimes an opinion is under- tem non prima valued, becaufe it is the opinionof a youngman ; and truthsare neman non ul- not. received becaufe Ie that delivers them bath not feenemany donanr. y dayes. As it is a fin to adore old age, or tvgive up our faith and Confcience to it; fo it is a fin to-flight youth, indoing fo we may flight the truth. Paul faith to Ti othy, Let no non defpife thy youth ; Which as it isa Caution rimorhy, (as bath been Chewed ). to-carry himfelfe wifely andwarily left he fbould oc- cafionothers to flight ordefpif him ; fo it is a Caution- tothe.: people, that they 1hoüld not defpife him becaufe of his youth ; That which is the true gloryofgray hayear, dothfometimesCrowne. the youthfull head, wifdome ( I mean) and ripeneffe ofunder- Caepote"fnven (landing. it was Paid of agodly woman:,-Shee had a youthfoeil ho-. cula, anima ca- dye but an atgedmin i. Samuel was young in yeares ,hut in grace na fait. Am- elder thenold. Ely ; Teremiah was young, but how wife did the br: de Agne- te..Ser:9o. Infpiration of Godmakehim ? Daniel was young, yet wifer then all the Magicians and Aflrologers ; 7 imothy- and Thus were young, yethonóurable for prudence and piety and therefore,. feeinggreat menare not alwayeswife, neitherdoe the agedun- derfland Judgefnent , as we fhould not accept what old, men fay becaufe of their age fo let us not flight what young men fay: beoufe of their yowh. WhenGod furniiheth young men-with abilities, and calleth diem to his work, evenold men muff be willing, at leaf( nor. dif,