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Chap. 32. An Expofitian upon the Bookof 3 o B. Verf. 9. 69 difdaine, to heare them. Chrifl mull be heard inor by whom foe- ever he will fpeake. God indeed loth ufually f rve himl'elfe by the aged,yet he bath abundanay tellified that truth is not bound up to old age, Mode(y_ thould bridle young men from being over forward to thew the.mfelves , but it muff not ih:ut or Cede up ,their lips. Old men mull have the preheminence El¡hu ihewesus that order (v.7. ) I ( faith he ) faid dayes.fhdfpeak,., and"multitude ofyeares fhall teachwifdome: We mull Bell attend and give eare to our elders. And we are to chufe Officers orGovernours, to chufe ignorant Greene-heads before knowing Gray hayres, were aperverting of all order. Therefore men of yeares having grace andwifdome proportionable, are to be pre ferred before the younger. In that cafe it were a fhame to ad- vance youngmen, with a negleòò"ofthe aged. But when God gives more grace and underflanding to young men then to anci- ents, our approbation thould follow his preparation, and whom he gualifies,bell, we thould foonefl chufe. The order of Nature isgood, yet not alwayes fittel? to be obferved. Right reafon and the.. rule, of the word of God muff foray and call our vote , no: the. age and'yearesofmen. When Samuel was fent to anoynt a King. in the place of Saul among the fons ofYe/re, he looking on Eliab fail, Surely the Lords ánoynred isbefore him ( t Sam: a 6. S. ). but the Lordfaid unto him ( v.6.) Locke not on his countenance, or on the height of his flature,,becanfe Ihave refuted hem, for the Lord feet, not as manfeeth ; for man looked, on the outward appearance,' but the Lord looketh on the heart. Now, as we are not tobe taken with the beauty and (lature o=°men, fonot with their gray haires and outward gravity. Old menare not alwayes wife ; wifdome and aheart for God, a goodheart, or a heart to doe good, may dwell. with a greene Head, even with a greener then leven, the eighth or greenefl of all (fo was.`Davids) that come orRand in a cloy, of Maimbefore us, _ JOB,