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ig 7o Chap: 3 a, An Expofition upon the b'ook, ofJ o E. Verf. .to, ® B. Chap. 32. Verf. io, II, 12, 13, 14. 'Therefore Ìfricl, FIeari ;en tome : I alto mill flew mine opinion. Behold, Iwaited foryour words : Igave care toyour reap.ns, zrh:lefï you Parched out what to fay. Tea, I attended unto you : andbeholci,thert wasnone ofyou that convinced job , or that anfwered' his words : Ltfi ye fiouldfay 3 We have found out wifdome : God thruffeth him downe and not man. Now he path not &reefed his words againfl me : neither will I anfirer him with yourfpeeches.. Lrhu havingafferted this negative propofition in the former verfe, Great men are net alwayes ;á:fe, neither doe the aged underfiand Judgement, makes his inference from it in thefe words. Verf. t o. Therefore Ifold hearken to me, As if he had faid ; ThoughI am none of the great men of the world,.though I am noneof theaged among thefoes of men, yet hear- ken unto me ; for fetinggreat and agedmen are not alwayes wife, nor have ingroffedallwifdome and undemanding to themfelves, it is pofblethatfume beames of wifdame may fhine forth even from fo meane a Junior, even from fucha puny as (I mutt confeffe) I am. We may alio make the inference from the 8th verfe ; There is a fpirit in man, and the infpiration of the Almightygiveth under- paneling. 7hereforeIPaid hearken to me; As if he had Paid, Though I am ayoungman, and have not had either thofe natural! or acca- dentall advantages of the ancient for thegathering of any great fioche or trea!ares ofwifdome , yet there is an infpirationofthe Al- mighty wh:chgive-h underffand:nQ. If the Lord will make nfe of me, and infpire me., if he pleafe to breath his truths into me, Ad irrad'ate my foulewith divine light, Imay be able to doe and fay föme thing in this matter. The inference, you fee, followes well and without firaine fromeither of thole premifes. 7-here-