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Chap. 3a. An Expofition upon the Book, of J o s. Verf. i o. IVI Scienti- 61n =din. Mont. I alfo will (hew mine opinion, or nay IZnowledge. T will fhewwhat my únderflanding is, or what light God hath inthis cafe. The words are plaine. Note from them. -what troth of rrúth.r we have received and know, wefhould ,cornsnunicate -and mitke, knowne. 'Tis aduty to fhew our opinion whenwe have a call and an 'occafion to chew it, as Eldon here had. Some haveknowledge, whowillnot Phew it ; They ( which Chrift forbids,Math: 5.1 ç.) put their candle under a bushell. God hath lighted acan. le, and fet it up in Come mens fpirits, yet they either quite con- ceále or much obfcure it. God hath given them a talent of knowledge, and theylike the unprofitable fervant, wrap it up in a Napkin. Theywill not thew their opinion. Not to thew what we have, when called to it, is a denials that we have it. As good nothave a candle, or a talent, as let our candle be hid, or hide our talent.' The very,Heathen condemned this , while they fayd, Covered vertue, ìs bariedvertue. Yeawhile a man covers his verrues, parts, and abilities, he buriethhimfelfe alive, or is dead while he lives. As, the Scripture faith, theyhave only a name to be alive, but are dead, whomake a thew of more then they have ( Rev: 3._ a.) fo they bave a name to be dead, or may be numbred among the dead, who will not thewwhat indeed they have. Thereare two thingswhich hinder men from (hewing their o- pinion ; Firfl, idleneffe, they are loath to take the paines to thew . . it. Secondly,fhamefatineffe ; There is a commendable modefly, 'tis not good tobe over-forward in (hewing our opinion ; But that modefly is finfull , which quite hinders us from (hewing our opinion. They, who keepe in their knowledge and opinion either through idleneffe, or (hamefaflneffe, doealmofl as ill as they who Phew their opinion, and declare their knowledge through pride and and high-inindedneffe, or meerely to thew themfelves, to Phew their wit,,and to make anoyfe of their parts and learning. 'Tis finfull felfe-pleafing either toknow only that . wemay know, or topublifh what we know only to be'knowne: With fonie'tis nothing that theyhave knowledge, unleffe others know